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Community builders need data to measure growth, track volunteer contributions, measure success and enable participation. The systems track will focus on how Mozilla can retool and instrument our efforts to provide efficient onboarding, management and reward systems as we aim for exponential community growth over the next decade.


Build the systems that support the growth of One Million Mozillians.


Make the business case and gather priorities for the systems to support the 1 Million Mozillians goal. In order to define the scope of the first iteration and deliver it in 2014.


In order for Mozillians to easily access tools and contribute in a way that maximizes impact, we recommend these principles be adapted for all tools used by Mozilla. This will be a long-term effort.

  • Unified Identity
    • Tools should have single source of truth for people data
      • Integration with HRIS
      • already has staff and volunteer information, so it is a good candidate at the single source of tr
    • Tools should de-duplicate people information by integrating with a single source of truth
    • e.g. Reps: Not integrated with, lots of duplicate information on two profiles
  • Unified Authentication and Authorization
    • Tools should use a single identity platform that provides permissions-based access to tools (like
    • e.g Reps: add people to the Reps group on to give them permission to use as a Rep
  • Accessible Metrics
    • Tools should track each contribution a Mozillian makes and provide it in an accessible way to create a holistic view of contributions
  • Localization
    • Tools should be localized so they are accessible to our global community
  • Education
    • Tools should teach the user how to use the tool, answer common usage questions, and have general documentation
  • Recognition
    • Tools should recognize the contributions that they enable
  • Participation
    • Tools should enable anyone to improve the tool by filing bugs, suggesting ideas and bringing those ideas to life
  • Content de-duplication
    • Tools should de-duplicate the content that is created in those tools, making it accessible to other systems
  • Fun
    • Tools should be personal and written in the Mozilla voice

Status of Needed Systems

System Priority Status Platform Owner Resourced
Community Metrics P1 Under deployment Contribution data source of truth will be Baloo Pierros (CBT-MoCo) and Adam (Metrics-MoFo) BIDW team supporting integrations.
Community Dashboards P1 Under deployment. Main dashboard live at Building custom dashboards on top of Baloo data. Pierros (CBT-MoCo) and Adam (Metrics-MoFo) No resources assigned
Participation Tools Toolkit P2 Planning phase. A toolkit to enable creation of participation tools by regional or functional communities No owner assigned No resources assigned
Leadership Platform P1 Live at Mozilla Reps Portal William Reynolds and Rosana Ardila Community Tools team
Community Discovery Platform P1 Live at Pierros Papadeas Community Tools team
Pathways Tool P2 Planning phase A simple tool to map pathways across different contribution areas of Mozilla. Pierros Papadeas No resources assigned
Volunteer entry point P1 Live at An common entry point for all contribution areas. Larissa Shapiro (CBT) & Jen Brench (Engagement) WebProd team
Events Manager P2 PoC deployed at Proposal to make a general use version of the Reps events manager William Quiviger and Pierros Papadeas No resources assigned
Content Platform P2 Live at Mediawiki public mozilla instance. Used by almost all projects within Mozilla. Christie Koehler Punctual IT support and CommunityIT
Communications Tool P1 Live at Email Communications through mailing lists Gerv IT
Communications Tool P1 Live at Forum like communications open to all community Community IT Community IT
Recognition Platform P2 Live at Django-Badger None. No resources assigned
Matching Service P4 Prototypes live: Matching by project and Matching by task and another Matching by task and Matching by mentor and Josh Matthews No resources assigned
Moderation Tool P3 Live at Django app with integration Pierros Papadeas No resources assigned
Mentoring Tool P2 Under development Django app developed by security team. No one No resources assigned
Volunteer Management P3 Planning phase Exact Target and possible CRM TBD


The Systems and Data group is regularly meeting to work on action items and advance the goals of the group.

Future meetings

  • TBD

Past meetings

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