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New CBT Working Groups wiki page
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Working groups around each of the community building pillars were formed during the the Toronto Community Building Meetup last March 2013. These working groups will meet regularly to create plans and recommendations for the larger community building group and present their work during the next in-person CBT meetup.

The working group model is meant to be flexible, so groups will meet only on an as needed basis. This page is organized to indicate which groups are currently active. If you're interested in getting involved with a group, please reach out to the members listed for each—even if a group isn't currently active.

Currently Active Groups

Systems & Data

Description: This group is focused on systems and data that are needed to handle the volume of potential volunteers and to provide visibility into the operations of contribution pathways.

Members: Pierros Papadeas, Josh Matthews, Janet Swisher, John Giannelos, Jeff Beatty, Mike Hoye, William Reynolds, Ruben Martin, Sylvie Brossard, Liz Henry, Rosana Ardila, Ricky Rosario, Scott Storey, Alex Wafula, Brian King, Justin Crawford


Filter: [systems] -- please add this to the subject line of any emails about this working group that you send to the community building list to help people filter discussions.


Description: This group is currently researching the following central questions:

  • How are people (new volunteers) finding us?
  • New volunteers' motivations: What do new volunteers believe their involvement with Mozilla might include?
  • Staff expectations: What do staff members believe their roles are in contributor interactions?

Members: Larissa Shapiro, Mardi Douglass, Gemma Petrie, and Emily Goligoski.


Blog Posts:

Filter: [research] -- please add this to the subject line of any emails about this working group that you send to the community building list to help people filter discussions.

Contribution Pathways

Description: This group is focused on contribution pathways for functional and regional areas as a way to identify, qualify and onboard new volunteers.

Members: Michelle Marovich, Janet Swisher, Curtis Koenig, William Quiviger, Brian King, Pierros Papadeas, Melek Jebnoun, Jeff Beatty, Sofien Chaabouni, Sujith Reddy , Gauthamraj Elango

Owners: Ruben Martin and Larissa Shapiro

Meetings: TBD


Education and Culture

Description: This groups is focused on capturing and spreading information about how volunteering works and how all Mozillians can acquire new skills to have a deeper impact on the project.

Members: Michelle Thorne, Laura Hilliger, Melek Jebnoun, Mike Hoye, Christie Khoeler, Irwin, Lukas Blakk, Emily Chardac, Larissa Shapiro



Description: This group is focused on how to recognize volunteers for their contributions to deepen and extend relationships.

Members: Marcia Knous, Chelsea Novak, Soumya Deb, William Quiviger, Matej Novak, Jeff Beatty, Janet Swisher, Amie Tyrrel, Rosana Ardila, Juan Becerra, Sujith Reddy, Sofien Chaabouni, Majda Nafissa Rahal


Not Currently Active Groups

Organizational Support

Description: This group is focused on creating a clear vision and mission statement for the Community Building team and gaining organizational support for recommendations and plans from the other groups.

Members: Brian King, Ali Spivak, Jeff Beatty, Curtis Koenig, Margaret Leibovic, Jonathan Lin, William Quiviger, Rosana Ardila, Juan Becerra