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Logo 0002 68.png Planning the about:mozilla newsletter
Owner: Engagement and Community Teams Updated: 2014-04-16
This is the place to find information about the about:Mozilla newsletter

What is about:mozilla?

about:mozilla is a newsletter of contribution activities, features, news, and stories from across the Mozilla universe. The archives can be found on the blog.

The newsletter is written by and owned by the Community Building and Engagement teams, but is driven by contributors.

What content is in about:mozilla?

  • Contribution opportunities that showcase a few exciting and highly needed tasks
  • Link of where to go find more (IE on Get Involved page or supporting pages)
  • Exciting Mozilla news (Planet blog articles)
  • Showcase awesome contribution success
  • Photo of the week

How to submit an opportunity

We regularly collect opportunities for contribution activities to be featured in the newsletter. These are small, one time opportunities that are meant to activate volunteers.

We also highlight contributors in the newsletter who have made a difference in the Mozilla community.

Contribution Opportunity Form

Please fill out this form to announce contribution activities

Contributor Recognition Form

Highlight contributors using this form

Point People

Get in touch with Jennie Rose Halperin or Jan Bambach with any questions or other kinds of submissions