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  • Landing of all Cycle Collector related patches by peterv.
  • Impact of new hashtable implementation by Graydon.
  • Discuss next steps to profile and eliminate CC issues (i.e., dedicate an entire day, on a conf call, with a profiler, to isolate CC issues).

peterv: Landed a patch for addreff and release. Landed Graydon's new hashtable implementation. New patch to remove all debugging code is being reviewed.

Leak Numbers

Get a status on the following:

  • Igor landed a patch that regressed the leaks a bit. See bug 375808
  • We're still missing javascript edges and that might cause leaks of windows. Igor has been working on a patch that makes the GC code and traversal code share the same code (bug 375270). So we automatically find all the javascript edges.
  • bug 375063 (Leaking nsJSContexts and nsXBLDocGlobalObjects at shutdown): This is the bug that caused Igor to file bug 375270. Will probably want to fix bug 375270 instead of landing the fix for bug 375063.
  • bug 375075 (Stop leaking the cycle collector on shutdown)
  • These are a bunch of safety checks that need to be removed in order to improve the performance: bug 373693 (Cycle collector makes AddRef about 6x slower) and bug 373694 (Cycle collector makes Release about 11x slower), not done yet.

Status of Pending CC Code in Bugzilla

Next Steps

There will be a meeting on Monday, April 23rd, starting at 9:30am with dbaron, jonas, peterv (and anyone else I can find) in Building S at Mozilla to focus on CC for a day to get these regressions taken care of. If other's want to participate, please send email to and I'll open up any communication channel necessary for you to participate.

Audio of This Meeting