Danyjavierb report November 2011

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Reporter User:Danyjavierb
Date November 2011
Recruits 5
Past Items we met with the most active members of the community, and plan activities for next year, including the creation of courses in the platform of the P2PU school of Webcraft (i am really optimistic about the future of p2pu), for future contributors in mozilla development projects, local journalism and issues open web.

I continue with my work spreading the mission of mozilla in my university and I have spoken with many students, several of them are now starting in the community of Mozilla Colombia, the rest, I'm sure they learned some good and are using some Mozilla product.

I started like a Mozilla Rep.

Next Items ok, we have several cool events :

VII Meeting of Formative Research in Systems Engineering - University of Tolima - Bogota CREAD BarCamp Bogota2011 Mozilla Christmas meeting (a gift for us)