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This is the page for the Developer Day to be held on September 15 & 16, 2008 in Toronto.


  • Venue: Seneca at York
  • Map: here (updated with buildings/parking)
  • Public transit: Take the subway to Downsview station, then the 196 York University Rocket to the bus loop at York University. Then walk south from that loop to building #39 on this map. More transit info here.
  • Times:
    • Registration Monday 9:30 TEL Building room T1014
    • Monday 10 - 5
    • Tuesday 9 - 4
  • Food: Provided
  • Cost: Free



Please put yourself in an appropriate section below, as befits your level of confidence and interest. Please also use the template provided, as it will make it much easier for us to work with the data. Thanks!


"I will be attending. Full stop."

  • Jono DiCarlo (jdicarlo, Mozilla Labs);
  • Mark Finkle (mfinkle, Mozilla platform & Mobile);
  • David Humphrey (humph,, dxr);
  • Dave Townsend (Mossop, Firefox, Extensions, XULRunner);
  • Marc Adams (k41d3n, Firefox, Extensions, XUL, PMOG);
  • Stephen Lau (stevel, Songbird);
  • Carsten Book (Tomcat, Mozilla QA - Memory Leak Testing);
  • Ted Mielczarek (ted, Build system, Crash Reporting, etc);
  • Tom Fang (XPCOM, using Python script in plugin with C++); From Vizible -
  • Neil Marshall (neilm, Firefox, Extensions, XUL); From Vizible -
  • Ingrid Fielker (ingridf, Firefox, Extensions, XUL); From Vizible -
  • Phil McLachlan (PhilMc, XPCOM, Javascript, XUL, CSS); From Vizbile; we've combined a 3D engine (Ogre) with a Javascript engine, and we've built a 3D browser (formerly known as Pogo) on top of Firefox -
  • Katherine Xie (Kxie, XPCOM, Mozilla Platform, Firefox plugin, XUL); From Vizbile -
  • John Cebasek (jcebasek, Firefox, Mac, XPCOM); From Vizible -
  • Lukas Blakk (lsblakk, Release Engineering/Build); Unittests mostly
  • Armen Zambrano Gasparnian (armenzg, Release Engineering/Build);
  • Curtis (Student/graduate, Job search ); !!!!
  • Amit Gundu (Cozby, JS, XUL, CSS); Ronin.
  • Libin Pan (libin, Ruby on Rails);
  • Alfred Ayache (alfred3x, Firefox, Extensions, XUL);
  • Ray Slakinski (rslakinski, Firefox, Extensions, XUL);
  • Sean Jackson (sjack30, Firefox, Extensions, XUL);
  • Catherine Leung (cathy, Canvas 3D JS Library);
  • Yong Wang (ywang, XPCOM, Mozilla Platform, Firefox plugin, XUL); From Vizbile -
  • Shawn Wilsher (sdwilsh, Mochitests); Tuesday only
  • Jerry Crosson (jerryc, Embedding XPCOM JS Extensions); We’ve built a Gecko-based hybrid Desktop/Web application platform the includes downloadable chrome, encrypted chrome (via a protocol handler) XML-based page navigation system, and other fun stuff.
  • Andor Salga (Andor, Canvas 3D JS Library);
  • Lou Daly (loud, need overview of everything); attending monday only
  • David Bolter (davidb, Accessibility); chomping at the bit!
  • Place Q. Holder (ircnick, major area of activity); notes go here

Probably (logistics)

"I'll be attending if I can sort out travel/timing/permission from my parole office."

  • Patrick Dubroy (pdubroy/dubroy, Extension developer);
  • Shane Caraveo (mixedpuppy, Komodo); Curious, why not do this around FSOSS, save an extra trip for some
  • Antonio J. Lopez (ajlopez, Thunderbird, Mozilla platform & Mobile);
  • Dmitri Maximovich (maximdim, Extensions);
  • Chris Forbes (chrisjf, Extensions);
  • wayne a. lee (bunnyhero, Extensions);
  • Kieran Huggins (kieran_, Ruby, XULRunner);
  • Chris Finke (finke, Extensions);
  • Place Q. Holder (ircnick, major area of activity); notes go here

Probably (content)

"I'll likely be there, but I'm not certain until I get a better picture of what's going on."

  • Place Q. Holder (ircnick, major area of activity); notes go here


"I'd like to have been there, but I have other commitments, or a severe allergy to lizard-logo T-shirts." (This will help us "size the market" for future such events, especially in this area.)

  • Jimmy Talbot (jtalbot, 3D, research, XPCOM, Firefox, XUL); Out of town - From Vizible -
  • Place Q. Holder (ircnick, major area of activity); notes go here