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So, you're looking for those links that were at the end of every presentation that Mark Finkle gave ;-) Or maybe you're wondering what you missed? Or maybe you just need the notes for review.

All the videos and presentations are below. Enjoy!

Day 1 Presentations

Overview of Mozilla Technologies (Finkle)

Case Studies of Mozilla Projects (Steve Lau, Jono)

Many Faces of Mozilla Projects (Finkle)

Applications Development (Mossop)

Extensions Development (Finkle)

Web Development, DOM Threads, JSON, etc (Finkle)

Web Development, Graphics (Vlad)

Canvas 3d (Cathy)

Day 2 Presentations

Test Development, XPCShell (Ted)

Test Development, MochiTest (Sdwilsh)

Test Development, Reftests (Ctalbert)

Test Development, Memory Leaks (Tomcat)

Test Development, Gristmill (Ctalbert)

Test Development, Wrap up & looking ahead (Timr)