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Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Jason about to start cracking the whip on content kits. Team up and make it happen. Otherwise, there will be spreadsheets. And assignments. Homework!
  • Jason spoke at DevNexus last week -- expected a web focused audience, but that wasn't quite the way things worked out.

Nonverbal Updates


  • Spent last week at DevNexus
  • Demoed all devtools and firefox os in talk
  • Employee training
  • Met with Shumway team to work a post of current status


  • Demoed my Python/Rust FFI talk to ~60 people on Thursday
    • Very well received, but folks are still confused about Rust vs. Go.
  • Now to wrap up my other PyCon talk...
  • Speaking at Midwest JS (August) on Firefox OS app development
  • Submitted to Cascadia JS Fest
  • Persona Gmail Bridge will be deployed today at 9:30 Pacific
    • This concludes up my technical obligations to that project
  • Ongoing work on developer event funding
  • Initial Valence Content Kit feedback from groovecoder:
    • "the content kit itself is good; the good parts of valence are so slim and buggy that I'm going to pass on the talk at TWD. :("



  • Mozilla Tech Speakers program updates:
    • 6 confirmed candidates for Mozilla Tech Speakers, 2 still maybes
    • Working on a plan for Speaker Training that scales based on:


  • Submitted to CascadiaJS
  • Working on SocketPeer, a simplified library for peer-to-peer data channels with web socket fallback:
  • working on outline for flex-box content kit


  • back from Berlin - there's a) a great bunch of people there b) lots of coffee
  • conclusions from meeting with various people: the web needs both good offline support + more people with different use cases involved in spec writing. most of the examples/specs assume perfect conditions.
  • getting closer to pushing apps to fx devices via adb with NODE! yay-helpful for future hacks
  • heard some cool SW/UI/interaction/app design stuff coming out from gaia V3, might work with people in the London office to prepare some nice demo etc (maybe a hacks article?)


Other Topics

Need an author for Firefox 38 + 40 (DevEd) Hacks Post


Movement on WebRTC post for Hacks?

Ongoing wrangling. Do we have examples of good posts in the format we're looking for? Louis Stowasser's post on mobile game performance optimization would be good.

Q & A

Anything Else?