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Story Craft: Making Better Stories

This program is called “Story Craft: Making Better Stories.” Story craft is an effective and efficient way to to organize your thinking when it is your turn to talk in any setting. Along each section of this 3 part program we have designed the curriculum to allow you to grow your capabilities by taking advantage of your greatest resources: each other. In addition, this curriculum is designed to be self-regenerative – you can go through the curriculum repeatedly because it is not based on giving you mastery, but to keep you improving no matter what level of competency you are at as a communicator.

Ready to get started?


  • Part II: Organize your thinking using this tool box mentioned in video.

  • For best results, download the PDF and print LANDSCAPE. It is a 2 page tool with the directions on page 2!
  • Part III: Follow this 3 step process.

    • Step 1: Record. In this section, record 3-5 minutes of yourself presenting. Perhaps 1 or 2 of your modules from the story craft. Submit to five trusted and respected peers [3 senior, 2 newbies] with the following 2 questions:
      • 1. What's working about what I'm doing?
      • 2. What would you like to see more of?
    • Step 2: Re-record. In light of feedback, re-record and resubmit to same 5 peers with the following question:
      • 1. Was that better: Yes or No (no comments please)
    • Step 3: Repeat
  • Further Tips and Discussions

But don't stop here! Head over to Dia's YouTube channel (or subscribe to the rss feed) to watch further discussions about all dimensions of story telling. We'll talk about things like:

      • Better Bottom lining
      • Starting strong
      • Intros and Outros
      • Drama!
      • In story telling, how far is too far?
      • Best ways to set up a demo
      • What to do when you get lost half way through?
      • I'm nervous, now what?
      • Using better visuals

...and Waaayyyyyy more.