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Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Please fill in suggestions on the Mozlando etherpad from last week
  • Especially want to figure out metrics and closing the loop on bugs we file
    • Interested in touring Kennedy Space Center on Thursday? See your inbox.

Special Guest: Bill Walker

Speaking on "Progressive Apps" / "Web Application Developer Initiative" (WADI)

Central question: What can we do to make the Web right now much more attractive to mobile app developers?

  • Talking to big framework players and "top 100" app makers
  • Accelerating delivery of "Three Key APIs" across browsers:
    • Service Worker, W3C Manifest, Web Push
  • Talking w/Chrome dev rel and BD - finding that we're on the same page.
  • Need to emphasize Mozillians dogfooding APIs as they land, file bugs
    • Set keyword: DevAdvocacy, also block on WADI tracker bug (1201717)
  • Service Workers as the opposite of appcache - an api for building apis -- needs examples.

Check out our project Wiki page:

please add ideas to our backlog: or

please suggest recipes for our cookbook:

see my amazing animated gif demo: oghliner-travis-v2.gif please try using oghliner for your next project:

Interesting push library:

please contribute ideas or code to platatus:

2-Minute Updates


  • Hacks blog update - Belén's first post on Tilemaps now available. Ahead: Push API (today), FxOS add-ons (tentative), Firebug 3 (tentative). Nov Week 1: Moment in time coordination.
  • Attended Content Counsel meeting last week called by Jascha (CMO), to bring together content wranglers & creators. Some common themes around access to info, planning cycles, tools & workflows, info-sharing.
  • Lots of Tech Speaker coordination for MozFest ahead
  • VS prep
  • Schedule: in PDX (Nov 2-3) in LDN (Nov 4 - 11) back in MV on Nov 12.


  • Devtools Project!
    • Deadline looms, heads down on that
  • Helping sort speakers for Ignite talks at VS
  • Other VS MC prep



  • mozfest and porting event travel stuff
  • set up some project structure for gio’s rpi2 work
  • content editing for Firefox OS Africa group
  • proposed PSU fall capstone project of content-adaptive web:
  • sign and return deep speech project (OSU)
  • update porting event w/ sony devices and remind to build nexus device first
  • update porting event to be any KK device, and reminder to bring/use your own device
  • final techspeakers v2 session!
  • vr@mozfest planning w/ JC and michelle
  • mozfest - stickers and gear, etc
  • pathway info - send to jared and rina
  • deep speech - send devices to students, get all the links and set up meeting
  • flames for phoxygen
  • met with brian chirls about vr at mozfest
  • porting project data collection and activities, communication channels
  • fall campaign ad push review of b2gdroid, dev pathway for fxos contribution
  • mozlando planning to make sure all porting and iot and fxos device people are in the same area


  • Reviewed Belén's Hacks Post on Tiling and Sprite Atlases (great examples/demos)
  • Reviewed Sajjad's Hacks Post on SIMD
  • Reviewed UP team's k-randomization paper
  • Reviewed UP team's k-randomization vs homomorphic encryption and disaggregate mixes paper
  • Recorded a video on how to use ffmpeg for transcoding (video in escrow)
  • Got some form of live streaming with MSE working, barely
  • Spoke with Tech Speakers v2
  • devrel-needed:
    • Bug 1164310 - Implement MS's proposal for a reduced subset of the new FileSystem API
    • Bug 1175492 - unpref transform-origin percentage handling for SVG elements
    • Bug 366559 - Brotli Accept-Encoding/Content-Encoding
  • Saw Ghost in concert: (trigger warning: Satanism, keytar solo)


Last week:

This week:

  • Screenshots / Gifs for NMIT hacks post
  • Got into the Lets Encrypt beta; setting up a server for that
  • Rebuilding my blog, for real this time, damnit
  • Working down unreasonable email backlog


  • (at conference)


  • traveled to Munich and presented at Push Conference, audience of 500. Minds blown.

• met several Mozillians from the Firefox UX teams, chatted a bunch about FF Dev Edition as a product among other things • tons o travel details, emails, planning • wrote a 40 minute version of Modern Layouts. (I had 60, 80, and 20. Now there's a 40.) Made still-image slide deck & published. • did an interview with HOW Magazine: • published episode 107 of The Web Ahead — with Brett Gaylor, all about privacy and tracking and doom & gloom — CHECK IT OUT! • recorded ep 108 and ep 109 of The Web Ahead — Do Our Projects Make People Happy? and Hey People Design Your PRODUCT First • wrote a blurb for Karen McGrane's new book, to be published for A Book Apart


  • Reviewing content for Fall Campaign
  • Working on Orange Evangelism plan
  • 2016 Planning
  • Q3 wrap up of team objectives


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?

Potch in Portland Nov 1-4, London 5-10, PTO