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  • sole
  • potch (en route to SF for GDC)
  • dietrich
  • jason
  • callahad
  • havi

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • June 27-28 event in Tel Aviv looking for a speaker on the DevTools - anyone interested?
  • Submit to CascadiaJS
  • Book your MozLondon travel
  • Expense tags are now required in Expensify
    • "Office of the CTO" and "Tech Speakers" tags will be added for us soon
  • Review your Q1 Goals and Check in with Jason if you need to add / remove / adjust anything

Verbal Highlights (what's important / blocking)

  • [Your Name] Something Interesting
  • [sole] Most instructions for setting up ssl on your server essentially leave you with a semi-vulnerable server
  • [dietrich] Rabimba is in NYC teaching A-Frame VR at Renaissance HS this week.
  • [dietrich] Check out - review/add if you have more ideas
  • [callahad] Diversity at conferences... halp?
  • [havi] Creating collateral for Progressive Web Apps?
    • Not much interest in using an outside vendor.
    • Sending it back over the fence to MDN + Developer Marketing
  • [havi] Contract in place for :Flaki to help us kick ass on the MozHacks twitter
    • He's also working on a Progressive Web App workshop, and onboarding new Tech Speakers

Plan for This Week (the future)

  • [Your Name] Something You're Going To Do
  • [callahad] Post DevRel Dashboard tomorrow, refine based on feedback
    • Current issue: the ~200 Bugzilla REST calls you have to make take two full minutes...
    • Also, Write up at least one past talk and post it on my blog
  • [havi] Begin planning/coordination of Tech Speakers meetup
    • Publish Luke Wagner's Web Assembly post for GDC
  • [sole] In Toronto this week
    • MediaRecorder post (hopefully!?),
    • Working with DevTools on new designer/visual tools stuff and other goodness
    • More semi-furtive work on preparing conf talks
  • [potch] Trainspotting 45 post
    • Mostly GDC for the remainder of the week.
  • [jason] Setup meetings with Engineering managers for Feedback
    • Participate in PLR
    • Summarize code school findings and look at future plans
    • Speaking with Kathleen
  • [dietrich]
    • finish rpi2 build post
    • finish a-frame models post, get vr team review
    • keep working on iot w/ old phone example, for SD conf and post
    • draft letter to code schools, send to hundreds
    • attend PSU student project final presentation

Summary of Last Week (the past)


  • Meet with 2 code schools on site
  • Reviewed WASM and Devtools Debugging posts
  • GDC Comms Planning
  • Worked on PLR Slides
  • Feedback to Devtools team on Patch creation issues
  • Met with Tracy Osborn
  • Met with Aubrey To discuss possible video creation


  • Dashboard data munging done; just need to style it.
  • My blog is working again, just need to start posting.
  • CFP acceptances: Open Source North on new web APIs, Twin Cities Code Camp on WebAssembly


  • Successfully emailed all of moco + mofo accidentally.
  • Created staff devrel calendar, and people are using it due to aforementioned organization-wide email:
  • Gcal pro-tip: Individuals inherit group permissions. For example, give permissions on a calendar to devrel-team@ and everyone in that alias now individually has permissions. DANGER: It also emails everyone on the alias without warning you first.
  • Gcal pro-tip: You can receive notifications on a shared calendar when someone adds a new event to it by going to that calendar’s settings, and on the Notifications tab checking the box for "New events:
  • Receive a notification when someone sends you an invitation to an event.”.
  • Tech Speakers Pilot 3 session with People Rocket!
  • Organized and hosted a meeting with Galois and some staff engineers over lunch in the office
  • Made all TS videos available to Pilot 3 via Dropbox for people that don’t have Flash available
  • TIA. Almost done wrangling these events, now moving to community events around them
  • Signed up to to be on the Reps IoT Innovation Fund Council
  • TS prog mgr stuff - interviews, etc
  • Staff devrel resources page (WIP) -
  • Took the .obj file from the controversial Nefertiti scan and worked w/ VR team to figure out how to load it into A-Frame (.obj only supported in master, not yet released) and drafted a Hacks post on working with imported models in A-Frame.
  • Drafted Hacks post for building RPi2 w/ Gio


  • Opened contract for Flaki to work on PWA training materials, @mozhacks twitter, Tech Speakers alum pilot, met w/Flaki and PWA team on Friday
  • Wrote technical program manager job description and opened Recruiting bug, interviewed candidate
  • Attended Diversity & Inclusion workshop on De-biasing hiring
  • Tech Speakers Pilot 3: Week 4 - with guest Alison Meyer from People Rocket on storytelling / style, planning for 5 & 6.
  • Friday: Published Sole's screencast/post on "Debugging Service Workers and Push with Firefox DevTools" after DE 47 uplift happened
  • Tech Speakers Phase 2 planning






Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?