Dikrib report March 2012

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Reporter User:Dikrib
Date March 2012
Recruits 1
Past Items * Reviewed a translation from a new contributor to support.mozilla.com, and tried to get him to translate some more.
  • Cleaned up after our community site got hacked, found out that we could not have done more to prevent it with our current hosting, found out that Mozilla is starting to host community sites internally, and applied for such hosting via ReMo.
  • Discovered that MCS (Mozilla Community Sites) has been resurrected back in december. Looking forward to follow that.
  • Helped our Thunderbird localizer get access to edit bugs in bugzilla.

Report in Danish: http://blog.mozilladanmark.dk/2012/04/06/mozilladanmark-marts-2012/

Next Items we will see.

Hopefully I get a response to my request for Mozilla hosting.