Dikrib report October 2011

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Reporter User:Dikrib
Date October 2011
Recruits 0
Past Items * Helped Jørgen and Kim set up localization of addons.mozilla.org
  • Finally got the payment from Mozilla for our hosting
  • Jan Krag has translated SeaMonkey. I am still investigating how to get the translation included in SeaMonkey
  • I have started "reviewing" translations of Danish articles on supprot.mozilla.com. Some outstanding reviews were three years old, and the site happily accepted translation even though there were no one to review them. Because of bugs in the site I have created the following process: Always reject review and tell people to contact me in our MozillaDanmark forum, where we are not impacted by the bugs in support.mozilla.com
  • In our own wiki, I had to block new users temporarily because of spam, for which I have not found a solution yet.
Next Items * Attend MozCamp EU
  • Get some traction on Jans hard work
  • Figure out how to handle spam in MediaWiki

Link: This report, ind Danish, with more detail

Link: Linked to State of Mozilla

Link: Note about our wiki smam problem

Link: Some public documentation about our l10n process, hopefully posts like this will make newcommers interested in joining