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P2pu school of webcraft -- logo.png

  • P2PU School of Webcraft: Developer training that’s free, open and globally accessible
  • The goal: skills and certification that build careers on open web technology
  • The problem: developer training that's expensive, out of touch, and out of reach
  • The solution: peer learning powered by mentors and learners like you
  • Self-organized study groups. Using existing open learning materials
  • You can get involved. Take a class; propose a course; make a contribution

Web developer training that's free, open and globally accessible

Mozilla and Peer 2 Peer University are creating the P2PU School of Webcraft, a new way to teach and learn web developer skills. Our classes are globally accessible, 100% free, and powered by learners, mentors and contributors like you.

The goal - enable developers to build careers on open web technology

Our goal is to provide training and certification that allows more people to build careers on open web technology. We believe technical training and certification no longer needs to be expensive, exclusive or proprietary. By training a new generation of developers in open source values and skills, we can spread opportunity while supporting open standards and values that improve the open web itself.

The problem - training & certification that are expensive, out of touch, and out of reach

Traditional developer training is expensive, and can be out of touch with current practise and disconnected from what students and employers really need. Many certificate courses focus on a single proprietary technology, limiting students' exposure to the broad mix of tools today's developers need. Four-year programs are out of reach for many, or based on rigid curricula that are not designed to keep pace with new developments in the field. And a lack of practical experience fails to provide students with portfolios or give employers a sense of their actual skills as a developer.

The solution

Peer learning powered by mentors and learners like you

P2PU School of Webcraft enables anyone to learn the latest technical skills and gain the practical experience that employers are looking for. Courses focus on real-world projects and are organized by peers who are web developers themselves. This enables participants to build portfolios of work, gain the practical open source experience employers want, and collect badges and certification industry will recognize.

Anyone can propose new course ideas and learning materials any time -- allowing P2PU to move faster and stay more up to date on current technologies than traditional programs. That way courses can offer practical training in areas like HTML5 and social web technologies mainstream schools are not yet covering, with an emphasis on pragmatic skills like reading code that traditional programs lack.

Self-organized study groups using existing open learning materials

Excellent open educational materials already exist. P2PU School of Webcraft adds peer learning and assessment. Courses are facilitated by practitioners who guide and support participants' independent learning. Working in small self-organized study groups, peer learners not only gain technical skills, but also an attitude and approach to web development -- "hacker habits" -- that reflects the way great developers think, solve problems and collaborate.

You can get involved. Take a class; propose a course; make a contribution.

Have a course you want to teach? Interested in honing a particular web development skill? Got learning materials or ideas to contribute? Get involved at http://drumbeat.org/p2pu-webcraft

Courses already proposed for September

  • Mashing Up the Open Web
  • HTML5
  • Web Development 101
  • Principles of Project Management
  • Building Social with the Open Web
  • Reading Code
  • Semantic Markup
  • Organic SEO Basics
  • What is PHP?

Project info-graphic

Doodle only -- NOT actual design. Designer is working on first design pass now. P2PU infographic -- draft 1.001.jpg

Notes & Feedback

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