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Labs Demoparty Project

  • Speaker: Tobias Leingruber
  • Time: Sunday, 16.00
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Summary:

Mozilla Labs Demoparty (2011) is an initiative to foster artfull exploration of Open Web technologies. It consists of an online competition and severall community-oragnized (hackathonish) events.

We're diving into the classic demoscene culture , , to engage developers to create stunning "demos", showing-off their skills and the capabilities of HTML5, Javascript, WebGL, CSS3, Canvas etc.

View the submitted demos here: 0002.gif

  • Presentation slides (to provide after you talk):
  • Ideal audience size: Over 9000 ;)
  • Equipment needs (video projector already included): Audio + Internet
  • Submit a question for the speaker here: