EU MozCamp 2011/Schedule/Engagement and Regionalization Track/State of L10n

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[State of L10n + L10n Communications Strategy]

  • Speaker: Chris Hofmann & Jeff Beatty
  • Time: 14:00
  • Duration: 45 min. + 15 min. Q&A
  • Summary: We will review areas like products, tools, and process related to localization on the Mozilla project, and share some data about the impact that l10n teams are having on the project, and the web. Lets discuss how we can make progress on these areas over the rest of the weekend and beyond.
  • Presentation slides (to provide after you talk): Jeff's slides
  • Ideal audience size All localization teams and contributors:
  • Equipment needs (video projector already included):
  • Submit a question for the speaker here: