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World Ready - How you can shape the future of Mozilla campaigns

  • Speaker: Staś Małolepszy
  • Time: Sunday, 10.00 AM
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Summary:
   World Ready is a group of initiatives designed to create better
   campaigns around the world through better transparency and
   participation.  Come to learn how you can influence the shape of
   future campaigns and submit your own ideas. We will also talk about 
   cultural differences between users in different parts of the world.
   The three-bullet-point pitch:
   - make campaigns more culturally relevant and less US centric,
   - open up the creative process for more mozillians to participate in
     (stop throwing stuff over the wall for us to localize),
   - share and learn from campaign results.
  • Useful links:
   The wiki:
   The mailing list:
   The EU calendar: Instructions are on the instructions tab
   The Latin America calendar: Instructions on the instructions tab
   The etherpad to let Carmen know about interest in other locales, 
   which can be created and sent to those who are interested.