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Adofex - new addon l10n platform

  • Speaker: Tim Babych
  • Time: Sunday 13 Nov - 10:10 am
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Summary: I will speak about the new web-system for translation addons called Adofex, which is easy to use for both developers and localizers:
  * has XPI repacking for easy testing
  * can import data from zip/xpi/babelzilla
  * has nice online interface
  * has global language teams, through not enforced
  * solves language duplication issue (like pl and pl-PL)
  * provides a REST API
  * and even a command line client.

Dev notes are available in my blog. The talk will be followed by a discussion on about online addon localization, what still needs to be done here and how to do it best.

  • Ideal audience size: 50-100 (l10n guys, addon devs)
  • Equipment needs (video projector already included):
  • Submit a question for the speaker here: