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Babelzilla community, present and future

  • Speaker: Jean-Bernard Marcon aka Goofy - Jürgen Berg aka Fenian
  • Time: Sunday 13 Nov - 9:45 am
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Summary: the current state and activities of BabelZilla, site and community. How BabelZilla can help on new kind of extensions with improvements of the current online system.
  • Presentation slides (to provide after you talk): here they are

We had 20 minutes of presentation with a few slides then 10 minutes for informal discussion with some questions on BabelZilla workflow and development. It was also the occasion to introduce some major contributors who were present in the room. We ccordinated our presentation with Tym Babytch's Adofex one, since we have made together a plan to port adofex on babelzilla to replace gradually the existing online system.