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Constructive Collaboration: How To Get Things Done While Retaining Your Sanity

  • Summary: As Mozillians, we spend a lot of time interacting with each other online, and those interactions can sometimes get heated and frustrating. This talk offers suggestions, tips and strategies for participating in online conversations in a way which makes it more likely you will achieve the outcome you want, and which will make them a pleasant experience for all involved. Specifically, we'll talk about:
    • Creating an environment in your part of the project where constructive collaboration is the norm
    • Dealing with the apathetic, the angry, trolls, deviators and perfectionists without being driven mad
    • Getting beyond discussion to action

Also, if you are dealing with a particularly tricky communications problem or difficult person, come and ask about it at the Q&A (no names please!) :-)

Presentation slides (to provide after you talk):

Ideal audience size: the bigger the better :-)

Equipment needs (video projector already included): nothing else

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