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  • bug 1261842 - Make initial browser remote sooner if we're defaulting to using remote tabs
    • Finally, finally, finally landed. And appears to be sticking. I'm crossing all fingers and toes.
    • Full list of Talos improvements from jmaher
      • The ts_paint regression is dealt with in my next section
      • The tsvgx one... I have no idea. Filed as bug 1289903 to investigate - but almost certainly test confusion.
  • bug 1287938 - ts_paint is measuring the wrong thing in the e10s case
    • Landed - we're at parity.
  • + P1 bug 1157404 - [e10s] Possible to end up with two visuallyselected="true" tabs at the same time
    • Finally polished this off, landed on inbound.
  • bug 1200524 - Using "Save Image as" on a large canvas doesn't work
    • Now that Blob URLs can be shared between processes, this was easy to fix
    • Landed on inbound
  • I've been testing with dom.ipc.processCount = 2 for a few days. Very pleased.
  • Anecdotally, there's a fellow in the office who's been doing process-per-tab (processCount=100), and really loving it.


Latest week's results in: [1]

  • Up to 722k on test (from 686k last week)


  • bug 1278505 RESOLVED::FIXED Save As PDF causes: [Child 91980] ###!!! ASSERTION: Deallocator for PPrintProgressDialogChild should not be called on nsPrintingProxy.: 'Not Reached', file embedding/components/printingui/ipc/nsPrintingProxy.cpp
    • Landed, requested for approval to uplift to aurora
  • bug 1145613 NEW:: Crash in [@ ReleaseData ] & [@ ReleaseData(void*, unsigned int)]
    • Investigating


  • bug 1281223 REOPENED:: Crash in @0x0 | mozilla::dom::PContentChild::DestroySubtree
    • got r- with the debug register approach. Proposed a new version with crash in ContentChild dtor


  • bug 1249698 NEW:: Dead CPOW errors should have actual stack / file / line information
    • requested reivew
  • bug 1265324 REOPENED:: [e10s] Typing is garbled after backspacing
    • still trying to reproduce the problem


  • Beta 49 e10s add-ons ready to start


  • a11y+e10s: Landed another 10 patches across 4 bugs
  • bug 1273635 backed out due to XP mochitest failures, will need to debug. (I don't like XP anymore)
  • A bunch of a11y reviews came back today, one still pending


  • Nothing strictly related to e10s but laying out the groundwork for doing client-side stack walking on crashed content processes in bug 1280470 and bug 1280477


  • Spent some time chasing down e10s-multi information.
  • A bunch of reviews this week.
  • Got rid of favicon blob URL hack (bug 1289944).
  • Investigated a crash dealing with necko IPC but didn't find anything obvious.