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  • 48 crash reports
    • IPCError-browser | ShutDownKill is #2? (Low volume at this point)



  • A bunch of reviews for mccr8.
  • Some poking around a couple of crash reports for bug 1290766.


  • bug 1291078 - <select> change event is fired before mouse events if e10s is enabled
    • Our ordering of events for <select>'s were slightly different from non-e10s, which broke at least one site. Got patches reviewed (thanks Enn), and waiting for uplift approval for the point release.
  • Investigating some fallout from my initial-browser-as-remote patch (bug 1261842)
    • bug 1291860 - Investigate FX_SESSION_RESTORE_RESTORE_WINDOW_MS regression starting on 2016-07-26
    • bug 1290280 - [e10s] Crash in IPCError-browser | ShutDownKill , Tab crashes on startup on Windows10IP Virtual Machine