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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Monday, 10am PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #elmo for back-channel

Meeting Notes

  • housecleaning
    • this meeting will take place on Mondays, 10 AM PDT from now on.
    • 30 minutes max
    • meeting notes and action items will be posted on the wiki
  • merge to master
    • peter found one more csrf-related issue
    • we can separate merging (today) from deployement (tomorrow)
  • html for the templates
    • Adrian did a great job with the HTML and CSS
    • we need new URL layout/navigation as per the wireframes to be able to start applying his work to the templates
    • we will hold off this until Q3, and focus on backedn P1 and P2 bugs for now
    • in the meantime, we should work on the wireframes to have a single and definitive version of the IA design of the site.
  • webdashboard
    • milos is working on a new, elmo-powered webdashboard, see bug 657615
    • stas mentoring
    • pike wonders how much stuff we need in the models, and how much we can get from bugzilla API

Action items

  • merge to master
    • peter to fix the csrf bug
    • stas & peter to merge develop to master today
    • laura, peter & pike to deploy to stage tomorrow at 10 AM EST
  • signoff2
    • Pike to file a bug about perf of a huge initial push
  • wireframes
    • stas to talk to chowse
  • housecleaning
    • stas will create wikimo/Elmo