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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Monday, 10am PST, conf bridge 359
  • irc.mozilla.org #elmo for back-channel

Previous Action Items

Meeting Notes

  • Attendees: Pike, peterbe
  • Bugzilla 0.9 API
    • plan A: get Gerv to fix the bug (see point below about Gerv and Lonnen)
    • plan B: work-around the bug
    • plan C: ask for an extension maybe
    • plan D: deploy the old API locally on the Elmo server
    • bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=733026
    • poke Gerv and Lonnen about if the it's a bug or a new feature that no bugs returns null instead of an empty array
  • Current develop branch breaks master-ball
    • potential little challenge might to get mercurial 2.1 installed as an RPM. Might need to do a pypi2rpm.
  • Shyam and test-ball
    • run the exercise as if it would work on the (future) new hardware once we get it
  • mercurial 2.1 breaks the master branch
    • thus testing hg 2.1 on -dev- is going to be hard
  • Testplan (https://elmo.etherpad.mozilla.org/test-plan)
    • Which URLs to check???
    • Build-logs page now slightly harder to read
    • Plan: switch DB on -dev to that of production and then test -dev using live data. e.g. doing real sign-offs.
      • Pike to get started on this

Action Items

  • peterbe: poke around with bugzilla API 1.1
  • Pike: figuring out how to pin hg 2.1 and what it involves in master-ball and dogfooding on -dev and -stage at the same time
  • Pike: Work through a manual testplan by making -dev point to the -prod database
  • peterbe: upgrade csrf bug to be 100% ajax based