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Team Lead: Erica Jostedt Mailing List: press at mozilla.com
The communications team's purpose is to cultivate trust with different communities by communicating Mozilla's story to the press and other media. The team acts a mediator between the company and the wider public, helping users get to know Mozilla by maintaining transparent communication, while maintaining the positive and active voice unique to Mozilla.

Team Roster

Name Contact Location Project Assignments
Erica Jostedt ej@mozilla.com California, US Communications Director
Paul Jarratt press@mozilla.com San Francisco, CA, US Developer Communications Manager
Mike Manning press@mozilla.com San Francisco, CA, US Senior Corporate Communications Manager
Justin O'Kelly press@mozilla.com San Francisco, CA, US Media Relations Manager
Barbara Hueppe bhueppe@mozilla.com Berlin, Germany EU Communications Manager
Valerie Ponell press@mozilla.com Berlin, Germany Senior Public Relations Coordinator
Karolina Shaw press@mozilla.com London, England Communications Manager
Mardi Douglass press@mozilla.com Seattle, Washington, US Internal Communications


Project Name Description Primary Contact
Communications Reps Program The Communications Reps program is being developed to attract and educate Mozilla Reps interested in working on PR-related goals. Tristan Nitot

How can you get involved?

Contact Us!

  • Team Mailing List: communications at mozilla dot com
  • Team IRC Channel: #spinzone