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  • From our first call
    • MSI packaging
    • Better pref management
  • Addon Security - Permission based Addon / Plugin installation
  • Better Addon fingerprinting - Our employees install lots of addons (One of them had 102 Addons..!!) and some of them have lots of memory leaks . Which increases Firefox freeze and slower overall performance. Can we have some info about Addon and its requirements ? Like Some addon demand more memory and processor then others. (Like Bittorrent addon)
  • Bundling Plugins with FF. (Like Adobe Reader and Flash Plugin). It will reduce our IT task significantly.
  • Easier to setup internal addon server in the company
    • Cache updates and deploy from one internal server
  • easy rollout/mass install of addons - some form of 'metapackage.xpi'
  • blacklist/whitelisting extensions
  • plugin finder service server
  • Document how to prevent updates
  • Group Policies
  • Mission Control
  • Better documentation of distribution rights for enterprise
  • cross domain security (trusted intranet?)
  • allow capability.policy APIs to be managed via mission control
  • plist - Mac OS X policy????
  • Bind autoconfig file directly to executable
  • Support http basic authentication with live bookmarks; for secure internal rss feeds...
  • Compatibility of Mozilla Firefox with Windows TSE : lower memory usage for each TSE user and possibility to do a global installation/uninstallation of XPI plugins instead of a local installation for each TSE user account (global installation doesn't work, need to do a local installation and then to move local XPI folder towards C:\Program Files\Firefox\extensions).
  • Disable new Firefox 8 addon controls and checks: 1) After updating Firefox a window appears and users can enable-disable addons 2) IT can't install addons without user interaction. For company users that's confusing (they don't know about addons), and we don't want they can disable important company extensions.

List of organizations interested in this topic

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  • Hospital Doctor Josep Trueta de Girona