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Can we add requests to the Wishlist ?

Is the Wishlist page the place to add my wishlist of features or should they be added to the bug track or listed below for discussion prior to adding to main list ?

My wish list of Enterprise features:-

  • Addons installed for all users. Admin selects and installs common addons and can restrict users from installing extras.
  • Push updates from central server without user intervention.
  • Change default location of user profile (bookmarks, cookies, cache) from Windows user profile to a home directory (H:\ is already mapped to "\\server\home\username") or central network path. I don't like it copying >100MB/s back&forth each time.
  • Mozilla to partner with content filter providers ($$) for better integration and simplified deployment.
  • log username with URL (or domain name for https) to central database for aggregated stats.
  • Quickly change proxy settings based on network connection or being in the office or remote.
  • Enable certain addons based on user group rights (eg. MS Win Active Directory).

--Timc usyd 22:56, 19 July 2011 (PDT)