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Feature Status ETA Owner
Extension Manager:Projects:Install Third Party Add-ons to the Profile Not started. Mossop


Third party applications can install add-ons into Firefox using the registry or certain special filesystem locations. These extensions are loaded by Firefox and while the user can disable them they cannot be auto-updated and cannot be uninstalled (though see Extension_Manager:Projects:Uninstalling_Third_Party_Add-ons).

Third-party apps should be able to provide add-ons that Firefox installs into the user's profile where they would be fully managed by Firefox.


As this project hasn't yet started this is just a rough guide of who has expertise in the area

  • Module owner: Mossop
  • Available reviewers: Mossop, Unfocused, rs

Release Requirements

  • Must pass security review

Next Steps

  • Decide on an API for letting apps tell Firefox an add-on is available
  • Decide whether the app will be able to update the add-on
  • Decide what to do after the user uninstalls the add-on, can the app make it become installed again in some way?

Related Bugs & Dependencies


Goals/Use Cases

  • Add-ons provided by applications should be installed to the user's profile at the first available opportunity
  • The user should be able to uninstall the add-on from their profile