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Ch.0BeforeDrumbeat p://www.thewavingcat.com/2010/10/28/interview-mark-surman-mozilla-foundation/ In three sentences: What is Drumbeat? Ok. Three sentences. I’ll try: 1. Mozilla exists to make sure the internet stays open and awesome. 2. With Drumbeat, we’re moving beyond Firefox to build more things that make the web better — not just software. 3. We’re doing this by reaching out new kinds of people — teachers, filmmakers, lawyers, journalists. Why is that important? It’s important because these people — in fact all of us — will have an impact on the future of the web, on what the web becomes. If we care about the internet for the long run, that means getting people like educators involved in shaping the web in their world. Especially educators who are trying to disrupt and innovate. We can give them open web tools and thinking to help do this, which in turn helps the education web move in the right direction — towards something open, free and hackable. This same scenario plays out with journalists, artists, filmmakers and so on. We want to help the innovators in these spaces take best advantage of the web, get them on board as our allies.

David: Abut 500 yrs ago the primary mode of teaching in the Uni was to come in w blank sheets of papera ndl istn to the professor recite so you cd make yr own copy of th book Ther was a n opp 500 yrs ago w/ the invention of the press to radically change education But that didn’t happen LECTURE STILL PRIMARY MODEL the reason we from the open ed conf are together w / you

Is to try ot not miss this opportunity a 2nd time The internat has create d these opportjies

And if we only get these 2 x a millennium we should use htm

We need yr technical education and expertise

And the shouting goes on

Mark: he was the inventor of the 1st open conten license so give him a huge round of applause And it’s not just david david ha sreally been a leader for the last 10 yrs in doing the open ed conf Which we’re collocated w/ Those are yr ppl who are the leadrs who have the really paved the way

Colin: OTR said way more bureaucratic

Mark; reaching out into new places Mozilla is about making the web open and awesome Who’s here to keep theweb open? Hoots and hollers Mozilla isa bout reaching out to ppl like you and saing help ups keep the web awesome

The future of the web and future lof leanring Are intertwining PPL herea re creating the future

Open txtbooks

Ways of accrediting learning Open ed You are shaping the future of leanring Marks’ cheeks are shining Shaking a piece of apper

[pushing wherew etake identiy on the web into new places based on the values of opnenss and freedomy

You have a common ETHOS of openness sharing power dcision making and participation An ethos oF DIY learning by doing making That’s what’s exciting about htep otential of this group for the next 2 days and beond Common ethos and passion for innovating can be incredibly powerful Invitation for you guys to reflect on the poetry and the prgamatics of what that means Powerful and if we just share that and become more articulate at it there’s power in that More importantly we have to work together

Work ot be done building making raising our names and playing to gether pushing the future of learnig forward

Your’e all here to build and make thos things

Let’s get started

Cathy Davidson We need to see if everyone can settle down in the back

If you can hear me clap once, twice f5 times

(din hardly subsides) Joi: It’s kind of ironic we have to work so hard to allow one person to speak I’m a college dropout I dropped out twice I completely failed formal ed but I survived b/c of the internet the internet saved my life I was able to log on and qu my teachers and q school and figure out what I dneed to learn thru the intenrat and the ppl I met on the intern I wdn’t be standing here The inet presents an amazing oppor for us to enable informal learning I had parents ok, $ to access it and the environment and personalit y t o dot hat Therarea liotof toppl thow dwo whell w’/ formal ed and al ot of ppl wh odon’t It’s v important hat we take this oppo to make this work And 2 pieces I want to outline The inerent is v diff form anything that’s been created before It’s a stack of layers of open standards Inet the web, I think that CC is the next layer b/c we finally made it cheap enough to connect allthese computers but the friction is now in the cost of litigation and CC is another layer on that stack that’s what I do In between these layesr wha’ts enabled is open source open ed Open soruce is another thing that llows the cost of collab and p2p connectivity empowers the visiuals before we see combo of creative c and oer Culturaleducation labyer things that have happenedi n the past Every idea that’s cool that’s happened hasn’t been anticipated in the past It hasn’t been centrally planned We’re trying to do this in the ducation layer FWK it takes a combo of geeks designers education You can’t sit around and wait for the next person t ofigrue it out Until we figrure out how to change edu in tlearning we’re not doing what is the final potential into internet (swirling scotch and ice inbottom of glass)

we trust the internet not to be centrally controlled we have learned that abundance and reduncdancy and resilience works EDU still believe in SCARCITY we’re gg to a world oF ABUNDANCE oyu had to dish out edu t oppl who deserved it

When we have abundance and we act like we have scarcity We get things like OBESITY a bundance of ability to conven/distribute info but we act like it’s scarce we

Have to get the educators comforaable w/ the idea of abundance

It’sgg to be the ppl working on the edges and I hope ppl who will participate tomorrow who will square the thinking

And we have to get the educators working Otherwise we will fail Mark I’m gg to let ppl get back ina second t talking to each other which is why wer’e here Begin w/ a huge thank you to u Thanks for understanding cooproation w/ this kind of collaboratively chaotic format

The whole event is aintentionally an experiment that is intended to encourage peer learning and collaboration and creativity we’re inventing pieces of it 

As you can see things go wrong internet not working when oyu walked in Ppl in the back can’t hear me b/c of the cho THANK you and invitation to bear w/ us , give us honest feedback and be a part of the solution Pick things up find solutions a Nd that’s what we ‘ve got ppl Ppl who want to yak and problem sovlesr that’s where this starts is this event

This is my first time in a venue like this so I may get dizzy but it is great to see everyone here I wd say tahnksk fro coming except I think it’s the wrong attitiude I’ve been working on moz for a v long time and we’ve been successful in some regards and not as good in describing what MOz is about Moz isabout trying to build a part of the web that is aimed at individuals and the abiliy of indiv to be involved and move from consumption to freation and have the max opppor poss We’re trying to build a web that is :TRANSPARENT—open srouce after you’ve seen something you can touch it get yr hands on it pull it aapart you can help create it Not only are we open source, lifeblood depends on ppl getting inovled in ways they decide are of interest to them and help them

Welcome all ppl who are tring rto build the things we carea bout

A part of the web that is PUBLIC INTEREST NONPROFIT not b/c it’s easy but b/c it represents what we’re triyng to do The INTERNET is so important that we believe that part of it shd be a public asset Part of us owned in a sense by the public not the individuals who ceatei t The ppl who build firefox most of whom ont employees feel ownership not in a monetary sense I helped build this part of the web and I carea bout it The shift from consumption to creation From Education to learning is real and possible Consumption is great and free consumption is great go to a website , not really free cause data is what’s paying for it but it feels free You come acorrs things that don’t work, broken, not in yr language, doesn’t work on yr device What we are given to consume is inadequate

Much of the time consumption is fine but there comes a period where you want to do something to fix what you’ve been offerd to create and a key aspdct of Mozilla is to provide these opportunities 

That’s why wev’e been successful we can’t compete w/ / internet giants What we offer is the abilty to create your own world It’s WORK we have foxued on Firefox on the best poss tool for doing this and it’s v hard work But many ppl are willing to do hard work if it’s wrtohwhile they are respected and have some dignit y and it’s effective

I’m not sure if you know about the 10s of volunteers who are running the org, met you at the door, guided you upstairs they want the web to be better and they’re here missing this session And so its been a very encouraging aspect of Mozilla to learn about the # of ppl who are eager to do real work to improve th estate of our online life Offering rreal ownership and leadership and authority and respect and a set of criteria that motivate ppl And we have to date focused on thei nfrastrucutre Built into the fabric o f the interent That’s important itself and we belive it’s hard to build oppenns s and participation in to the layers that sit ontop of the tech if the tech iteslif is closed wev’e started /w the infrastructure wh is the browse and that’s taken us a solid decade to be effective eand be able ot move the industry toward this oopen partic wold where infidivual impeowerment is the ckey Complement to the commercial web Even commercial software vendors shd move toward openness and individual empowerment Open source you now find across the industry A s we reach this point you’re now able to think about what can be done w/ th tech Firefox is pretty well est buildt upopneness into a layer of the internet

Now : how can one USE OPEN to build OTHER Parts of life? thus DRUMBEAT was born What layers made sense tofo cuse on? open ed movement jumped out; LEARNING is SO Important and it too is a layer of infrastructure build openness into the LEARNING SDYTEM it’s Jumped out b/ of YOU b/c the community of ppl in the education /learning systems already doing things aimed at more penness participation in learning was palpable As we looked around we thought not only is learning so important but a lot of ppl working in this area who seem to share many of the value s we hold in Mozilla We can both test but hopefully be successful in lerning what we hold in the software world And you in the edu world Buid connections far more effective We’ll learn, you’ll learn and we’ll all be much more able to go out and DO

We have values/goals/missions but we DO Things We’ve been able to do more than say the Web shd be OPEN we’ve been able to DO it More context to go BUILD a diff kind of learning system

APPLAUSE is strong

Mark: that was awesome and I think we’re gg to hear an equally awesome talk From Cathey APlause Cathy in a fuzy vest , huge belt buckle all in black. GLAM! It is amazing as an educator who spent my whole career fighting against being an edu in a trad sense to be among my ppl LERANING Is DOING and THEORY IS PRACTCIE reactivity, critical thinking, building and doing are all the same thing There are 2 memes I want to play w/ the next 7.5 min 1 from mithcell: If what we’re being given to consume isn’t working we have to build what does work I personally believe and are committed to changing the fact that edu K thru GRAD?prof school does not work and we have to change it fomr atl east 2 directions 1 : OPEN ED P2PU John seely brown’s term edge THINGKING so crucial for what you do and for how it changes the center the centeri s v compforatble to be the center The center neds edge thinking to create it to rebuild it to Unbuild it Toffler: you have to UNLEARN and RELEARN All the things I’ve bren learning for the last 20 yrs aren’t working I have to unle

The 2nd meme is FOUND, 2 days ago A little notebook that has drums The legend is : IF YOU DON”T KNOW YR PAST YOU DON”T KNOW YR FUTUTE

As a historian of tech that made my heart sing The reason educ isn’t working Edu has changed a lot sine Socrates but virtually every feature of trad form edu That we know now was specifically institutionsalized reated for the manufactured era Nothing you can think of wasn’t created between 1850 and 1919 Everything from STANDRD DEVITION the whole basis of the assessment mech Produced by GALTON a EUGENICIST English poor shd be sterilized Deviation basis of all assessment metrics If you have to bea n amaerican our nat’l edu policy is based on mult choice testing If yr truly an edge thinkier std deviation shd be a RALLYING cry a reason to exit not a reason to judge close schools IQ testing, mult choice test, I actually disvoedred the inventor who RENOUNCED wiin 4 yrs Inmmigrants omcing into America Henry ford had just invented assembly line Ass y line of education now e’re stuck w/ it Grad school prof school grade wschool ,starting on time, at the same age ,learning disabilities Infrastructural supports for the industrial age OUR WORLD HAS CHANGED we don’t have to have the same kind of hierarchical structures w/ the intenretbut we still have a locked down closed education system You can be depressed about that or realize that this moment , LFW moment bringing together open web pioneers and adventurers And ppl like me not trad but I have the chops to be called a trad e du

Something new for the future It’s gg to rquire 4 things—I minght not remember: 1 )it’s g to require freedom 2) all the edge thinking that open web, p2p u next on this slideshow all of those not only continue but w/ more force/ vigor even as the web is being shut down more everything Mozilla does has to be invigorated more 3) one way that happens is thru education: we have to teah children/ young kids about the open web this is their future, the infrastructure that shd be institutionalize fro the digital future higher ed the biggest consumer of proprietary crap , Bb and other kinds that are $billions and don’t serve edu Higher ed has t o change we have to find those ppl HASTAC sis a renegade voluntary org to take th epricniples of the web

I hope we all have agreat time b/c the more energy and happiness and joy we can bring to insurgency the more likely we’re gg to have LFW

MarK :awesome

Exactly the way we think we get to that joy of insurgency to model that shift from consumption/ creation Which is why you’re all looking at each other in the way we are nad this crazy model wehre ppl are actually gg to build/ create

I’m gg to do now is invite a group of ppl to give you a priveiw map And invite you into that process of creative joyous insurgency

Space wranglers ppl who have organized those spaces on diff themse Pull them out you can see what thos spaces are

Allan: squeaky Gmorning Drumbeat festival Upgrade & transition after this festival to new caffeine level Request to put yr laptop down

Mark: 2 observations other than awe and gratitiude 1 : we have quite intentially defined learning/ thought about in a way that’s tring ot disrupt it and get beyond what we think of as education ppl storming the academy why do we have arduino/ hackbus we are here quite consciously trying to blow up what do we mean by learning and educaiotn ther’es stuff I heard in this opening that I didn’t even know we brought the disruptors, most creative ppl and innovators whethere there’s this content ppl badge ppl look at cutting edge of open id or school of webcraft taking radical ideas about Peer learning it’s that synthesis that is emerging creative technologists/ educators I want to underline that not just b/c it’s cool but b/c the idea is to flind a place where youv’e got something to ad The problem is too many of these places Maybe get a slide here If you want a amental map Dif from other events you’ve been to Hack fest in part Here’s one in Australia you build amazing things that by tomorrow morning you can actually demo

It’s also a little bit like a bar camp Here’s a schedule grid it’s an event you shape much of the schedule has been pre programmed much is yet to unfold Going to the session sthere’s a space to shape what’s happening in them Next slide : Maker faire Here to have fun and joy of insurgency as we make things and that’s the idea If there’s anything I wd and maybe this is too NORTHA MERICAN It’s a POTLUCK Open salad: everyone comes and brings an ingredient at lucn hadn that’s the salad abar That’s what we’re trying to do We have more than a hope in terms of accelerating raising our game in coming out w/ some things really gg to snowball from here Really driving learning innovation and the web fwd Leave you w/ in terms of info ALLAN This is 400 cocreators this is not a spectator sport.

Allan Gunn: Mozilia criminally overresourced org More $ than god We typcill work w/ trehugging radical anarchists w/ zero $ and zero time We’ll get you the best looking prof web site you can

That leads to conserviatvie approach Less tech a tech owner has to maintain the more ttime they have to focus on their

I think what’s changing in ed is that the power differential is getting flattned I think things like Wikipedia and the advent of virtual learning tech where the learners are more tech savvy than the teachers Changing vectors of knowledge transfoer I’s almost ineluctable that learning grows exponentially

“5% wanderlust attrition”

innovation nonmarket


making/creating as an ethic

Generative—piling--drawing more and more people—way of making

Hal plotkin