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Picturing The Future of Learning, Freedom and the Web

Right now the demand for access to learning is rising like the average temperature throughout the globe, flooding traditional institutional capacity. At the same time the web offers all-new possibilities for how we can both connect and share information.

How can the practitioners of the open-source software movement develop and share new tools and practices to foster learning?

What are the most successful ways to supplement and to replace the traditional university's functions of knowledge transmission, socialization, and accreditation?

How does openness function as a philosophy as well as a tactic to move forward the frontiers of learning and knowledge discovery?

What tools remain to be developed to allow learners of all ages to form the questions that are most salient to them, find the answers they need, build skills, and present themselves for a community's stamp of approval?

A substantial, 100-150 page document, to be released in January 2011, will address these questions and capture this moment in enticing words, infographics and photos. Participants in the first Mozilla Drumbeat Festival in Barcelona are invited to contribute, but the scope of the document will widen to encompass the broader future-of-learning community. Part-exhibition catalog, part manifesto, this will serve as a concise, fun-to-read document for those who aren't able to be there, to build the legend of the Festival; a guide to what happened in the other Tents, for those who spent their time in a single Tent; and a Lonely Planet guide to the emerging learning landscape.

To include:
  • 25+ Q&As with Joi Ito, David Wiley, Cathy Casserly, Carolina Botero, Mitchell Baker, Mark Surman, Nathaniel James, leaders of Tents, and many more!
  • Written contributions/ dialogues between select key participants
  • The best blog posts, tweetstream and wiki remarks around the event
  • Artifacts: The best presentation slides, presentation notes, chalkboards and whiteboards
  • The City As Classroom: Photos of the action around Barcelona
  • Demographics & survey data from participants, arranged into attractive infographics
  • An open source curriculum/classroom guide with suggested further reading, questions & assignments for teachers who want to use the document to teach about open learning.
  • An overview of the event and reported essay on the "State of Learning, Freedom, and the Web" by Anya Kamenetz, author of DIY U, lead editor on this project.
  • OpenRaval experience report/summary/pics? https://wiki.mozilla.org/Drumbeat/events/Festival/Barcelona/OpenRaval / http://jovesteb.org/05_album-open-raval/

NEW!!! Draft Outline for Learning, Freedom and the web is found here:


Your comments are welcome!

Contribute your notes here! Notes are organized by SPACES (working groups/themes during the festival) and include notes taken during the event, as well as relevant blog posts and interviews by Anya and others with major figures within each space.

[Ch. 0 Introduction] http://wiki.mozilla.org/Festival_Report/Ch0Intro

[Ch. 1 Local Learning] http://wiki.mozilla.org/Festival_Report/Ch1LocalLearning

[Ch. 2 School of Webcraft] http://wiki.mozilla.org/Festival_Report/Ch2SchoolofWebcraft

[Ch. 3 Badge Lab] http://wiki.mozilla.org/Festival_Report/Ch3BadgeLab

[Ch. 4 Hackerspaces] http://wiki.mozilla.org/Festival_Report/Ch4Hackerspaces

  • this is highly visual*

[Ch. 5 Open Content] http://wiki.mozilla.org/Festival_Report/Ch5OpenContent

[Ch. 6 Peer Learning] http://wiki.mozilla.org/Festival_Report/Ch6PeerLearning

[Ch. 7 Open Video] http://wiki.mozilla.org/Festival_Report/Ch7OpenVideo

  • this is highly visual/video*

[Ch. 8 Storming the Academy] http://wiki.mozilla.org/Festival_Report/Ch8StormingtheAcademy

[Ch. 9 WikiLounge] http://wiki.mozilla.org/Festival_Report/Ch9WikiLounge

[Ch. 10 Angels Hackerspace] http://wiki.mozilla.org/Festival_Report/Ch10Angels

[Ch. 11 Aftermath] http://wiki.mozilla.org/Festival_Report/Ch11Aftermath

[Ch. 12 Ephemera&Miscellanea] http://wiki.mozilla.org/Festival_Report/Ch12Ephemera