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Hackerspaces: Hack bus Arduino SwitchCraft http://arduino.cc/blog/2010/11/09/mozduino/ Here are our last post about Mozilla Drumbeat Festival.

We wanted to give back to the community what we’ve been doing in the Arduino Playground: Mozduino!

We worked on a robot that was able to avoid the obstacles. The first version was based on the sensing obstacles with light (using LDR) the second using ultrasounds (using PING), the DC motors are driven with Mosfet Modules. We could control the number of rounds of the wheel (and so its direction) by using an HALL sensor with a magnet.

We really enjoyed the venue, and got in touch with very interesting people. Thanks to Hector, Jakie, Jessica and all the participants who came and play around with us!

Are you looking for the code of the robot? here (“save as..”)

Massimo Founder of Arduino Academia Open source elctrncis prototyping playform Tool for teaching electronics to designers Essentially I’m a geek I studied electrical engigneering What I learned when I went to school was hwen I was a kid My father boutght me a kit when I was a kid german ,boxes snap together w/ magnets Apple just copies Rhom

dieter ram

teach electronics to designers they don’t have elect background thy think visually Turne electronics & software into a creative medium available to anybody I went to design school in Milna ppl sitting in class w/ slides and formulas You cd get a degree in elecrcnos and never connect any circuit

You see it was an egineer who made the circuit that asked the designer ot make a box for it. Can’t we just smooth it out? NO! Make us a box

School lasted 2001-2005 When oyu start to get thigns right in Italy they shut you down And figure out there was something really godo you were doing Imagine this just as a visualization of dozens of diff experiments of using my students as guinea pigs to understand how to teach this thing This arduino is 5 yrs of experimentation We figured that we cd teach programming w/ that thing very quickly Hardware instead of just pushing pixel on the screen

Massimo Banzi 1 spaniard 2 americans you shd listen to ur meetings the 5 of us look at the diff aspect of the projects and push it fwd

It’s a piece of hardware which is open source First piece of Practical open source hardware You can dwonloards the file Open source software

Hands on teaching methodology In grad school I was in advantage over my friends I kneow how the story ends! I learned by plugging wrires: no explosion no fire no smoke I learned something

I started teching like I learn as a kid Bring ppl like a children open mind exploration

And then community incredibly important a huge community that plays part in the process Wiki w call the Playground Something that wd make an electronics enigineer faint Not written in technical language Pspaces where ppl start to use Arduino Kicthaen Budapest NYC Resistor we learn, share, and make things

Art sensitif

London Hackspace

Put young engineers and artists in the same place, shake and you get weird outcomes

You come spend some time there they look at you see if you fit into the whole system if your’e anice person wh oudnerstands how to interact w/ other ppl then you’re in They spin off ideas and companies A 3 D printer cupcake cnc makerbot.com Download or buy $750 kit

Tiny plastic teapot

New ways of making publications

Relationship w/ MAKE mag When I was a kid I looked at my fathers’ electronic mag v nerdy Make doesn’t burn yr eyes, beaufitulf to look at OWN YOUR OWN IF YOU CAN”T OPEN IT YOU CDON”T OWN IT


companies /institutions Domsu ITP APPLE PANASONIC IDEO HITACHI FROG

Lighting installations One for campari Quattro Alarmclock built by my students

Coffee machine open source

Boat bot

Arduino derivative LILYPAD

DIY Segway


Tinker kit

We have learned that essentially you need to teach ppl by making them play very quickly Blink an LED first ½ hr We teach workshops in weirdest places WE discovered ppl come to find 10 or 20 likeminded ppl learn from EACH OTHER than from us so thank you

Mark: the power of being able to learn by looking inside The transparent part of openness is critical to the story The maker movement as a learner movement If you think back to Mitchells talk from this morning the WEB is also a place that has that same openness ther’es huge innovation in learning happening In many ways that’s true and it’s something certainly you can look inside and play with But the PATHWAYS aren’t necc completely clear

Heather http://textontechs.com/ http://textontechs.com/2010/11/open-web-with-the-arduino-xbee-bicycle-at-drumbeat/ http://textontechs.com/2010/11/open-web-with-the-arduino-xbee-bicycle-at-drumbeat/ Nov 05 2010 Leave a Comment Two university students: Vasileios Georgitzikis and Pierros Papadeas, spent yesterday in the Hackerspace Playground and Arduino. Their goal: create an Arduino xbee open web powered bicycle. The night before they worked on their script. Then, they refined it by creating the device and testing speeds without a bike until about 3:30pm.

How it works What they built was an Arduino wireless transmitter and a hall effect sensor on the wheel of a bicycle.

This calculates speed and then broadcasts this wirelessly. The receiver module connects to a usb.

Every bike broadcasts and id and speed. The script reads and visualizes using Html 5.

The Arduino demo at the hackbus:

The team:

More photos! Bring Materials yo'd want to play around with.. Suggested items would be:

- laptops - webcams - digital video cameras - spray paint - markers - pen lights, LED light sources, mini-flashlights etc

Be prepared for the unexpected..

See http://www.blog.ni9e.com/archives/2010/11/headed_to_barce.html http://www.graffitimarkuplanguage.com/ http://yoyodyne.cc/why-i/

and add http://twitter.com/dotgml and http://twitter.com/fi5e on twitter

Alison Lewis from http://www.iHeartSwitch.com is being hosted by Arduino, come and learn to make beautiful electronic fashtions and accessories!

ohannes, 2 wks ago organized a conf in SF I wanted to meet afriend

Art/tech collective calledmonocrhome 9 ppl in the center core many ppl heling ups lotso f alliances and we started monocrohme long longtime ago 1993 before the ewb revolutio nactualyl stated there was the Internet but no wWW and an interesdting thing happened that was primarily in usniversities and even in universities only tech interested ppl nerds were using the tool and now the internet velolution shifted the gen perception of what internet is and whati t can help us Cy bernetfounded by anarchis t gay activist in the bay area and many small networks around hobbyist networks and how they exhancaedg info and how they had their learning sessions b/c nobody today when you think about the internet as something that you’re learning on It’s so part of everyday life it’sn ot a medium it’s al iving space which is very good and of course educaiotn esp in the Western world has almost always a negative connotaiont educaiotn esp if you talk to normal everyday ppl nobody is super excited bout going to school it’s there something the state provides but most of the time it’s prett bad and ppl They inform themselves o nthe Internet constantyly and evey day I’m not sayin everyone is suing the Internet for education but ppl live that and they dno’t even know about it We started w/ fanzine of cyber culture cyberpolitics That’s why we startd monocrhome To get the info out and share the stuff we find interesting and help ppl find more interesting stuff I mean if somebody already knows michel Foucault you don’t hve to tell them a lot more there’s a certain level of education and if you’re an interested person you gain more knowledge interest in the stuff you’re doing You need a certain kick in the ass to be interested in stuff like that We like to provide that kick to show ppl there’s interesting stuff For example we’re now doing for al ong long time We’re doing together w/ a couple of other guys a festival calld roboexotcia A festival for machines making cockatils Taking the basic pop culture idea of the rboot and everyone likes robots and R2d2 and teling them ok we want robots b/c we starte in 1999 everyon promised us in the 50s and 60s future of the pasteveryone will have a robot do th e dishes and help us w/ everyday life and western service society will be dominatd by robots The more $ you have today the more likely a human will help you not a robot ‘Sudenly ppl who only want ot have ta good time they arestanding there dsiusscin g stuff w/ ppl they wd normally never talk to interesting philosophical discussion

about tech ppl being interested in stuff that wd never thought of oing into a hackerspace or something like that 10 yrs ago almost no hackerspaces

the abasic idea of monocrhome is to find an interesting way to spread a msg and get ppl interested in stuff we think they should be interested in

the whole area of patterns and copyrights we like to work in from time to time right now the tracks are being set for the next 50 yrs concerning patents, copyrights, open/closed, free/permission ppl shd be interested in it right now not in 10 yrs when the fallout closing down when the most restrictied Digital Rights mgmt for some things almost a little bit too late right now it’s always the right time b/c the Internet culture and the way we use the internet and how we perceive it there’s still a way to change it it was of course easier to change 10-15 yrs ago but less ppl interested nowadays little child Using it w/all these intuitive gadgets new gen grows into it and uses stuffin a way nobody wd find possible At the sametime from my in general from monocrhomse basckgroun we’re classic European Leftists a little bit melancholic but you can count on us We always like to emphasize problems b/c we like to see problems and there’s problems everywhere It’s interesting to see there’s possiblitiies tochange stuff from the general perspective of education and getting info out and witint ong blogs and teaching ppl and using wkis losts of stuff going on out there Most of the itme and that’ s why we really like our new initiative the hackerbus The main problem nowadays the means of producion are still v centralized You have all the freedom of info you want on your ihphone you can blog and tweet and do whatever you like but the basic concept somebody had to build t hits thing somewherr in China exptemely bad working conditins As long as we can not download our iphonse for free ther’es a problem There’s a materialistic base for the whole thing We’re getting more interested 20 something guy in the UK build himself a toaster to a certain extent it’s impostible the guy almost killed himself youcankind of see how complex and obscene the global industry is and I mean most of a project like work this dichotomy of trying to change things and knowing the basic structure of technocapitalist society

Hackerbus project I wrote w/ a friend a small pamphlet hacking spaces a rxn to this Cambrian explosion of hackerspaces the basic concept is pretty old the first were in the 60s or early 70s More like workshops but still a clear tradition Nowadays some of them let’s say they like to forget their own history to a certain extent b/cof the economic crash 2-3 yrs ago many ppl who used to work in tch companies and mosto f the imte like kept in boring jobs sitting behind a desktop they studdenly were freed from that so a couple of aspects why the hackerspace took off so immensely and one aspect was economic downfall many ppl lost their jobsstill creative and wanted to do stuff and lookin for next best location that’s why many ppl ended up in hackerspaces or founding

I wd say around 2005-2006-2007 explosion of more and more hackersapces Ppl interested in tinkering around

Similar interestes you wnt to share that and start building interesting thigns I’ve been to many hacker spaces bc/ I’m contstantly toruing around Some places are just like breedinggrounds for Google wchi his a little bit sad Ih ad criticized in this pamphlet b/c the hackspaces are wonderful and v important thing that happens now andit’s interesting to see that happens b/c of the economic downfall And on the other hand most are very nerds and hackers like to meet others And usually middle aged white guys and

Hackbus: lower participation barriers: Rural areas Diversity

The bus will be at the festival We did the first big project Hackbus Austria we started like a yr ago we also started the hackbus.info Wiki openplatform community tool This site is a community tool for the evergrowing armada of hackbusses.

We need a root movement of doing strange things with hardware which was not intended (aka "hacking") because only when we use things in ways other than they were planned can something new arise.

Hackbusses (or mobile hacklabs or hack vehicles) are a low-threshold way of bringing the culture of hacking to the people. They are migratory learning and teaching units, taking the talented hackers and their ideas out of urban centers and bringing them to people who might not otherwise be aware of the possibilities available to them.

We follow a long tradition of this nomadic approach to bring self-empowerment to the people. These units can be everywhere. And they should be everywhere. Start one yourself!

  * You own one? Then add your bus.
  * Don't know what this all is about? Read this.
  * Want to see a hackbus in real life? Look at the list of hackbusses. 

Join the Hackbus community

Mailing list. The old style community maker. We haz it.

  * Subscribe / unsubscribe: listserv
  * List of postings: mail-archive.com 

About Hackbus wiki We have al ong list of things that we would like To have Under 5 minutes LED throwies Arduino Kits with us Where you can actually build stuff Workshops in general about the bus itself b/c we had to restructure and rebuild the buss Mechanicsa nd a little about engineering We have aworkshops around b/c we eally like w’ell show ppl that’s not about hardware specifically but show ppl how to do their own documentation It’s cool if you build yr own gadget but ppl actually see ho wit work Sppl ike to buy kits an easy way to start tinkering around w/ eelctrocnis but then stuck goingto the next lvele of really designing their own stuff Helpful :having videos on Youtub ewehere ppl show thisis what you do andthen you do that The next level of not buying a kit and buidlign it but learn the grammar of doing something yrself by watching someone else do it Main gthings of yrbook The basica way you teach stufchanges In the last 30 yrs ago the way a workshop wd have been heldthan nowadays It’s interesting to see this likeshifts and movements in teaching people,

Gunther called me yesterday that there’s some trouble w/ the engine The Mozilla guys they’re really friendly we send them a wishlit we ened a diesel generator Independent from the Grid Stupid of course but sometimes you just need th energy an we had a plan ofr a sola attacment and we hope we can do that but that’s an investment b/c solar tech is so expensive nowadays

5 ppl me Gunther Dave Dempsey Roland Heather Kelly the basicidea is 2 of us will drve the bus to barcelon and fly back and the other way around we can’t actually fit 5 ppl