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Elevated crash level

  • Christian transplanted the PGO backout today - bug 605033 - we don't have any evidence that PGO raised the overall crash rate, it moved crashes around to different signatures. Turning it off until we understand more is a good idea.
  • Bug 648022 still causing some residual issues.
    • For some unknown reason we started to see an increase in volume with this crash (~200 instead of ~40) around the same day as the backout on Aurora.
    • The crashes appear for a build id prior to the backout.
    • There are a couple of those showing in the latest build so we will continue to monitor this closely.

Growing Aurora audience, phase #1

  • Any additional feedback on the previously announced plan?
    • Phase 1 will continue
    • Potentially come up with more aggressive plan
    • Asa will blog and write up a proposal to convince engagement to spend


  • Axel would like to discuss the migration procedure once more, in particular closed branches vs no-op merges. Who would want to be on that thread? (Mind filling that in the notes, I wouldn't want to call in tonight)
    • Christian suggests the best place to talk about this will be in the rapid release post-mortem, next week time TBD
  • Use of beta next two weeks for Aurora confidence
  • Review of Beta trackers for tracking-firefox6+
  • Use of channels blog

Action Items

  • Asa to do channels blog post about running different channels side-by-side
  • Asa will blog and write up a proposal to convince engagement to spend
  • Christian will make sure notes get posted to the channels blog
  • Christian will mass modify and email for outstanding aurora patches