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[syl] Ryan did a great job of testing merge before they happen. [Action item] Tomcat will take care of that. Discussed with David Burns about it

[syl] Issue with GTK3

  • two bugs:

[Action item] Liz will ship GTK3 in 46 (no pressure :p)

[syl] Wrong branding on aurora

    • Can we test that?

[Action item] Sylvestre to figure out if someone knows about that. Releng ? Sheriff? (this is a value stored in tree in browser/config/version_display.txt so a test could be added)

[syl] l10n signoff of "gn" was missing, breaking the build. Had to backout the patch

  • We should test that too

[Action item] Sylvestre to figure out if someone knows about that. Releng ?

[syl] we need a watchdog to detect when a build is frozen (exemple: beta 7 windows 32/64) [Action item] Kim will have a look: Probably going to be addressed with TaskCluster or with Pulse. With taskcluster you can set a maxruntime for the task.

[KaiRo] We had another issue with Trusteer Rapport crashing (bug 1254527) I think we really should figure out some kind of API for security software to use for their needs which should be safe in terms of stability and hopefully also performance [Action item] [Action item] Design an API for that? Kev Needham could help. Sylvestre will follow up with him

[KaiRo] push to CDN did not happen on Monday, but only on Tuesday Can we do something to make sure this is on a checklist or has automated reminders set up? [Action item] Release management is planning a dashboard to avoid that in the future but we need resources

[lmandel] iNotes is another example where we could have done better compat due diligence prior to release [Action item] Lawrence following up with Web compat team about scanning for release readiness

  • Ehsan added a telemetry probe for this so we don't find ourselves in a similar situation going forward (Bug 1255934)

[syl] issue with esr merge (update id & version display) [Action item] We need to update the checklist (sylvestre)

[ritu] esr 45 release notes were not live and there was a problem with default of esr38 vs esr45 [Action item] With 2 ESRs in parallel, relnote publishing may need closer monitoring by jgmize (and team?) Are we treating ESR like a separate product at this point with it's own notes? Yes! (Thanks Josh!) We should probably list all the changes compared to 38 in 45.2 We can do this in nucleus with the tags

[syl] 3 regressions causing 45.0.1 in the location/search bars

[Action item] Sylvestre should see with Florian how we can improve the testsuite

[syl] More regressions causing a potential 45.0.2

    • How can we have 90,000+ websites and not seeing the bug during the beta cycle bug 1259482
    • Bug 1258650 - Yahoo finances
    • Bug 1257861 - Affecting gmail

[Action item] Erin will see if we can get more help from User Advocacy

[ritu] GoFaster uplifts happened too late, missed pushing a Beta [Action item] We now have a release process and recommendation to GoFaster team, we want most of the system add-on work to land by Beta6