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Firefox 58 release post mortem


Attendees: Selena, DVeditz, TomGrab, Liz, Marcia, RyanVM, Julien, Ritu, Arynx, Philipp.


  • [marcia] Service worker crashes were high volume during 58 and the fixes landed very late in the cycle. At its peak we were hitting over 1000 crashes per day
  • (Ritu) Github repo syncs remain a challenge
    • Discussions underway on how to mitigate this with Myk Melez, Julien etc.
    • activity stream, screenshots, anything with external libraries, Test Pilot,
  • (Ritu) 58 has worsening of OOM crashes (even noticeable without retain display lists)
    • [selena] can we get the rates to compare?
    • (Ritu) Add Selena to the email thread
    • we may be switching to one content process for low memory devices/platforms to mitigate this (selena is following up)
  • fennec slow startup (safe browsing related?)
    • apparently an issue in 57, then people woke up towards the end of 58 rc
    • we ended up fixing it in 58.0.1
    • How is the triage situation?
      • is anyone watching (who?) the fennec-tracking+ flag? (Yes: chris karlof, mike comella, snorp, susheel's team are triaging fennec issues regularly)
      • Selena mentioned that some Fennec issues are landing into Core::General.
  • (Ritu) Chemspill process for 58.0.1
    • we are working to better document the chemspill process, from wennie, ritu, and dan
    • (liz) we went pretty fast - less than 24 hours between landing on m-r and releasing.
    • Daily stand-ups really helped (thanks Wennie)! ++ really helpful!
    • Secure slack channel helped as well, and the planning document + checklist.
    • QA coverage on the weekend is still TBD
  • Thanks to Gerry for smooth, unexpected, last minute hand off of the release.