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Notes for 59 post mortem

10:30am PDT Tuesday April 3 Vidyo channel: Release Coordination IRC: release-drivers

Meta post mortem: let's announce this meeting on the calendar invite, and more times on more channels

Some stats on 59 (lizzard)

What's New Page

Can we have a confirmed list of WNP locales before the go to build of RC? (bhearsum)

Needs coordination between relman, releng, Eric Renaud, l10n team (flod?) and QA.

Action : Liz will follow up with Eric . Regular meeting in beta cycle near the end of the cycle but not RC week, add to milestones list

Sec Issues for ESR/release out of sync

(Al's feedback on ESR) (fixes that landed for ESR52.6.0 that we had fixed in 58 or earlier but not in the corresponding ESR)

  • If we do this, which I believe is rare, we need to let the sec team know, so they can write advisories.
  • Dan: we shouldn't even do this, don't land it on release if it isn't going on ESR.
  • sec triage issue and for relman - check the flags. do we know when esr is affected?

Uplifts late in the beta/RC week cycle

In general, the later these issues land, the more important it is to coordinate closely with QA.

Is anything new and secret happening for 60? Really, really , honestly no :)

ESR52 italian locale issue

We aren't quite testing what we ship because of l10n repacks. Long term questions here for our process. Tom, mkaply, ryan are discussing it

we may be waiting for l20n n

Actions: This is mostly resolved, from having more tests, except bug 1445628

Dot release drivers

59.0.1 Desktop + Fennec

Security issue - pwn2own related chemspill.

  • Fairly smooth process, we were well prepared
  • Suggestions for anything we can do better here?
    • We should have respun the ESR52 build to avoid the tagging and source tarball issue, even though it was going to be a no-op for the build we ship

59.0.2 Desktop

Prepped by Liz, handed off to RyanVM and Ritu. I think the handoff went well.


  • a11y crash. Bug 1424505 - Crash in I_RpcNegotiateTransferSyntax volume is high, we knew this, we just didn't have a solid fix in time for 59.
  • Rendering issue. reported widely on release. We knew about it in Feb. but didn't set the priority high. It was unclear that it was widespread at that point.

59.0.2 Fennec

Ongoing issue with mystery android crashes! Marcia suggests follow up Possible meeting?