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Notes for 60 post mortem

10:30am PDT Tuesday May 29

Vidyo channel: release coordination

IRC: #release-drivers

Some stats

What's new page

  • overall less of a struggle than it was in the past
  • confusion about the "id" locale this time around
  • wnp wasn't live on until release week
    • Possible reasons:
      • Content wasn't finalized
      • github pull request didn't happen in time, potential mitigation: talk to m.o folks for help in future?

Late uplifts

60.0.1 drivers

  • driven by Cycle Collector regression from nightly 60 ( )
    • bug 1449033 was filed in March, had STR, but wasn't properly triaged (mccr8)
    • jonco said he thinks it could have been caught had it been in the right component (not that it wasn't at least partly his fault for not triaging it (he feels bad))
    • jonco also notes that a quantification of the regression would have been nice (like, "before this patch, CC times didn't spike beyond x and now they're hitting 2x" or something)
    • manual monitoring of telemetry was probably required here ...
    • Potential mitigation: Planning to add those two telemetry probes (CYCLE_COLLECTOR_MAX_PAUSE, CYCLE_COLLECTOR_FULL) to PI monitoring and Mission Control dashboard
    • went unnoticed until reported more widely post release
    • our telemetry alerting story seems to be lacking though
  • extra fun with Kaspersky Software Updater
    • untranslated uninstaller in 59
      • caught during 59 beta, not prioritized at the time
      • fix landed in nightly 61
      • conversation ongoing with Kaspersky to better understand what they're doing

60.0.1 notable ride alongs