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Notes for 65.0 release post mortem

10am PT Tuesday February 19 (after the channel meeting) Vidyo Channel: ReleaseCoordination IRC: #release-drivers

Some stats

What went well

  • WNP went smoothly!
  • Good responsiveness from devs during final week of Beta and RC week
  • [tania] Good communication between Eng & QA for most of the features
  • Lower no of unplanned requests compared to previous beta


  • [Bug 1522019] ESR 60.5 Bing search engine default for some locales
  • [Bug 1523427] Websockets over H2 proxy server issues
    • Rolled out a hotfix via Normandy in bug 1523978
    • Fix was limited to users allowed to enroll in studies, which corporate environments are more likely to disable
    • Fix included in 65.0.1 dot-release
    • Can we have a Normandy hotfix option which is independent from studies?
      • Was a github issue/bug filed for this?
  • Privacy issues with experiment code fixed in 65.0.1
    • [Bug 1526387] CFR Addon Recommendations call remote AMO API before clicking "Install"
      • Reported via Reddit
    • [Bug 1525340] Add policy to disable CFR
      • Regression from CFR moving to Activity Stream, used to be controlled via Shield policy
      • Unfixed for 66+ still
      • [Follow-up] Enterprise added to list of considerations for CFR-related items going forward per jdavis
    • [Bug 1522810] TAAR - personalized recommendations appear in private window
      • Reported by QA prior to release
      • Feature rollout delayed
  • [Bug 1506495] Color management seems to not working on Mac
    • Reported immediately after regressing patch was landed in Nightly (2018-11-11)
    • Wasn't tagged as regression, prioritized as P3
      • [marcia] One difficulty was the reporter couldn't help with mozregression
    • No further activity until a metoo comment post-release, bumped to P1 and tagged as regression
  • Other dot release drivers
    • [Bug 1516665] Crash in java.lang.NullPointerException: at$Builder.<init>(
      • Difficulties in reproduction and lower volume when reported, spiked in late Beta & post-release
      • [marcia] Comments were not helpful and no STR. Turns out the logcat that snorp posted led us to a speculative fix
    • [Bug 1523635] [Ubuntu] “Enter” is not functional on Google account password field
      • Reported during RC week
    • [Bug 1523696] Clear Recent History dialog is too small, hiding options
      • Bad interaction between Fluent changes and some locales, caused missing UI bits
  • Updating Win10 test workers to 1803 on the day of dot release gtb
    • Changes weren't tested on all branches before rolling out
    • wpt failures on Beta (This is still the case for beta 66....)
    • Asserts on mozilla-release and esr60 which impacted dot release gtb (bug 1513145)
    • Project Zero Skia sec bugs
    • Canvas sec bug from external reporter
    • Followup: PaulT's team will monitor security updates

QA updates