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Notes for Firefox 70 postmortem

The meeting notes were lost in a disappearing Etherpad but here's some notes from the release owner's draft and follow up on action items.

  • Attendees: Liz, others from relman


What went well

  • Skyline launched, and was fairly smooth.
    • Tags, burndown lists worked well
    • EPMs and planning were super helpful
  • We (Dan) did sec review on more features in more depth

What didn't go so well

  • Brief outage when we launched protection report
  • Minor problems with build/infra, ship-it, in beta 1 -4
  • Process for the WNP specs and testing still not clear
  • last minute/RC week stuff
    • Oct 7 beta 13 build. Many last minute requests.
    • Branding left off Fennec and ESR. even tho we signed off that it was there and it was in the release notes up until Thursday RC week.
    • VPN, lockwise last minute changes
    • Catalina macOS broke download addons
    • Pushing new OpenH264 had issues
    •  issue between balrog & product-details (we pushed the RC and signed off on the rules, but are still serving beta 14)
    • DoH study failing QA then launching mid week then failing in multiple ways on Friday
    • The holdback study had a lot of churn/issues

Some action items

  • adding some CVE linter checks for the date and version numbers
  • Following up to find triage owners or check on triage for components where bugs are going untriaged (Firefox::Untriaged, Firefox::General, Core::General)
  • (marcia) After we released there was some confusion about our uptake in regard to the Delivery Dashboard -
  • wasn't up to date, and would have been useful to look at since we are trying to use the new dashboard for our releasesd
  • ACTION: Liz suggested a slide or two to knowledge share at the CF what dashboards we use to look at the release uptake.
  • ** Protection Report requests that failed: Unique IPs + UAs (best I can do for unique users) requesting /user/breach-stats during that time period that got 500s: 1160 (1715 total).
  • Failed logins during that period ( people who weren't able to login with FxA to Monitor)
  • Unique: 4232
  • Total: 7276
  • * ACTION - liz will talk with habib or ops team again