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Overall Goal

Improve the performance of web content within the Firefox browsers.

Progress Updates


Communication Type Mechanism Audience
Blog All
IRC #contentperf on devs, PMs
Mailing list devs, PMs

First Priorities (Q3 2015)

Evaluate top sites (Aaron, Avi, Vladan)
For the initial set of sites (Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo search) + Google properties + ~5-10 other top-sites we choose ourselves from Alexa top 20, do the following:
  • Agree on & write up the "most common" use-cases (i.e. user interactions) with these sites
  • Evaluate relative performance (wrt other browsers) for each of these uses-cases
  • Profile & determine why our performance is worse
  • This evaluation will need to be repeated for Fennec & mobile versions of sites, but with a smaller subset of sites
Gfx impact on scrolling (Avi)
Re-do Aaron's scrolling measurement (using the scrolling bookmarklet) on the reference HP laptop with the 3 reference sites (Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook) using every relevant gfx configuration setting (see my blog post for list + consider Windows theme impact).
Windows 10 (Aaron)
Compare content-perf on Windows 10 vs Windows 8
Figure out how to make dynamic websites reproducible (Wander)
New page-load test (Wander)
Create a new cross-browser page-load test that measures how long it takes for the browser to become idle after loading a page (time-until-quiescent). This test could be a webpage

First Priorities (Q2 2015)

Scrolling Performance

Improve the scrolling performance of Firefox on three websites: Twitter, Facebook, and Yahoo search results. See Aaron's Write Up: Focus on two platforms: See Hardware Distribution List, Here.

Page Navigation Performance

Optimize the following page navigation experiences:

  • Entering a search term in the Firefox Homepage -> Yahoo search results listing
  • Entering a search term in the Firefox search box -> Yahoo search results listing
  • Yahoo search results listing -> an individual search result

Again, focusing on the Windows 8.1 laptop/tablet and a particular Android phone.

Existing Benchmarks and Measures

Top Issues, Firefox for Android
Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
942609 -- [meta] Reduce Fennec's storage impact: APK and data RESOLVED
947390 -- [meta][project] Improve page load performance RESOLVED
959776 P5 [meta][project] Improve startup performance RESOLVED
979119 P5 [meta][project] Firefox for Android power consumption RESOLVED
996062 -- [meta] Low-res and slow painting issues when scrolling subframes in Fennec RESOLVED Kartikaya Gupta (
1158951 -- [meta] - Reduce memory RESOLVED

6 Total; 0 Open (0%); 6 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);



See hardware inventory, here.

Vladan's team should do detailed diagnosis/profiling and suggest

  • engineering projects
  • measurement strategies


  • Product sponsor/driver: bsmedberg
  • Engineering program manager: elan
  • Technical lead(s):
    • Android: Avi Halachmi
    • Windows: Vladan Djeric Aaron Klotz and I will look at Windows.