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Specific features References
Identity management
  • Add identity management
  • Ability to fill in common form fields using 1..n identities
  • Add "Login As" option under file menu for accessing FTP sites that do not allow anonymous logins. This was available in previous versions of Internet Explorer and was handled by an automatic opening of the FTP site in Windows Explorer.
  • Enable some sort of single sign-on capability
  • Add configuration for PKI to use eToken or similar devices like USB-Sticks for SSO or WSO
  • Use RDF and/or a Microformat to define Fields for Username, Password, E-Mail, and the like. Filling a form tagged with a microformat can then be archived ie. by Drag&Drop a kind of vcards from a specific sidebar.
  • Make it possible to hash the Password using the Domainname by default.

Identity 2.0 at OSCON
Aladdin eToken (SSO / WSO)

Support for Windows users with restricted accounts sharing a common inbox
  • Ability to access the same inbox (and other folders) from more than one windows user account

This maybe possible today, but it is not evident for beginners how to set up Firefox accordingly.

New technology support
  • Support for Microsoft's CardSpace (nee: InfoCard) protocol
  • Support for SXIP protocol
  • Support for OpenID
    • What does this mean? OpenID is something supported by websites...
    • OpenID's are consumed by websites but users get their OpenID's from identity providers. This is where their personal information and list of trusted sites is kept. As OpenID becomes more prevalent, phishing for the user's password to their identity provider becomes more compelling because you could get access to all of the sites a user goes to. Having support for OpenID baked into Firefox would allow users to fight phishing by giving them the ability to specify who their identity provider is and then warn them with blinking lights and uber pop-ups when some site tries to phish them.
  • Support for SAML, an OASIS standard for Web SSO
    • SAML includes profiles for discovering a user's identity provider, as well as an enhanced SSO profile in which the client mediates the message exchange , similar to Cardspace. Other profiles have been discussed (and it's an open standards committee).

bug 356853

Alternate user identities

When logging into a website from a friends computer, the friend may already have an account for that website set to auto login. In this case, typically a user logs the friend out, and then logs back in with their identity. This causes Firefox to ask if this identity should be remembered. The choices are "Not now," "Yes," and "Never for this website." It would be nice if there was a "Never for this user," or even "Don't ask for alternate accounts." The latter would be asked for the first account established, and wouldn't require storing alternate identities. Something along those lines, anyways.

Browser's Identity

Oh I'm Sorry, I was under the Impression that when I Saw Browser Identity as a topic, it really meant, Browser Identity. Confused? I'll Elaborate then:

Browser Identity, as in, A 'Disguise Browser As. . . Option(So that Sites will Allow you Entry without Forced Prejudice.) Konqueror Has this nifty feature for itself and before I had knowledge of it, I always considered it as a Pipe Dream. Now that I know it is Very possible, I would ♥ it to be included in Firefox; as I am certain that many also want to see it as well.


Bring er'
Or Linger!

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