Firefox/Feature Brainstorming:Store/save Workspace Tabs

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Workspace concept

Web browsers had become in a really workspace environment. Sometimes you're working in a subject with many windows and tabs, and then you have to change this subject to another thing or simply power off your computer, but what's about this several windows and tabs you have opened and wich you will need to recover later when you return to the subject you was working?

I think that an option to store the session workspace window/tabs "File->Save Workspace" for each window you have opened would be a great feature, so you can quickly reload your working session with all the tabs you had opened. Even a new menú called Workspace could be useful to manage the stored sessions (load workspace, remove workspace, add/remove tab to workspace,...)

Until the moment the unique way to do this to recover all the windows you have opened is manually killing the firefox process and Recover the session when you start firefox again, but this don't allow to start firefox for working in another subject.


  • Possibility to work in several subjects without loosing your navigation session.
  • Ability to recover a workspace composed of several tabs or windows.
  • Menu to manage all saved workspaces and remove or modify it adding or removing tabs.