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Kboite wrote on 12:21, 5. Jun. 2009:

"Actually, another solution is to use the Tab Mix Plus extension with its session manager.

A cool feature could be to not just save but also easily share these sessions. I think it could be useful to share it with multiple tab-select and drag&drop. I would like to drag&drop all my opened tabs through mails or instant messaging rather than copying links or drag&dropping my tabs one by one."

Cool idea

I just wanted to propose the same: being able to save a komplete workspace as if you exit Firefox and choose to save all open tabs/sessions.

Advantage with "Save Workspace as..." would be, that one could save different workspaces for different tasks in a file, (transport the file aournd) and reopen the complete workspace as it was (even without the need to exit Firefox).

Another advantage is, that one could handle more than one default setup/start page and just load the desired workspace.

PAB 21:16, 10 September 2009 (UTC)