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Sprint lead: Mossop
Sprinters: Unfocused, johnath

Explore possibilities of uplifting Jetpack to Firefox.future, to provide a more web-like method of extending the browser.

Potential exploration areas

  • APIs: Existing and new capabilities that we believe need to be either abstracted from XPCOM (e.g. crypto) and XUL (e.g. menus), or created wholesale (e.g. slidebar), in order to enable at least 80% of the capabilities of popular add-ons
  • Platform and front-end changes required to enable these APIs as well as the nascent security model (re: work being done by mrbkap, lucas and atul on flexible membranes, securable modules, etc.)
  • Discovery, installation & asset management capabilities and interaction model required to support Jetpacks as first-class add-ons in the product
  • Create roadmap/plan for uplifting Jetpack into Firefox
  • Explore potential integration/interaction with new Extension Manager API

Non Goals

  • Make the Jetpack project redundant
  • Replace existing addons architecture
  • Standardizing API for other browsers to implement


  • Scheduling more meetings with Labs


  • Content Scripts - A first step in providing developers with native open-web tools to extend the browser (but not necessarily directly related to Jetpack).