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Switch To Tab (aka Tab Matches in Awesomebar)

  • Development Status: - [DONE] (04/13/2010)
  • Feature Testing: - [DONE] (04/13/2010)
  • Team: unfocused (dev), ashughes (qa)
  • Tracking Bugs: bug 480350, bug 455650

Feature Description

The goal of this project is to enable users to switch to an open tab, instead of duplicating it, when an Awesomebar result matches the URL of an already open tab.

Feature Release Readiness Assessment

The table below provides a top level go/no go assessment of whether the feature is release ready for the given milestone.

Milestone Assessment
#Beta1 GO
#Beta2 N/A
#Beta3 N/A


Feature Documentation

Item Description Status
#Project_Wiki Wiki Links to all feature related entries wiki
#Developer_Links (blogs) Developer links to feature related sites [DONE]
#Other_Docs Web links to feature related sites [DONE]
#Developer_QA_Review Details from developer and qa discussions regarding feature test strategies and issues. [DONE]


Feature Bug Management

Item Description Status
#Bug_Tracking Top level bugs tracking feature bug 480350, bug 455650
#Bug_Verification Feature bugs that need verification pending-feedback
#Bug_Triage Links triage bug tasks pending-feedback


Feature Test Items

The table below provides a breakdown of all feature items that should be covered and how they will be tested. Not all items will be covered by internal QA team members.

Test Item Description Covered By Status
Search Results Which results are returned based on variations of input and open tabs Developer Tests, Beta tester exposure, QA release-cycle testing [DONE]
Preferences Controlling default behaviour via prefs and prefs UI Developer Tests, Beta tester exposure, QA release-cycle testing [DONE]
Basic Functionality Switching to tab under various conditions Developer Tests, Beta tester exposure, QA release-cycle testing [DONE]
Advanced Functionality Switching to tab with Session Store, Private Browsing, and Clear Recent History Developer Tests, Beta tester exposure, QA release-cycle testing [DONE]
#Localization Feature localization QA tests, Beta tester exposure need to write an RTL test
#Accessibility Feature accessibility Developer tests, Accessibility tests [DONE]
#Plugins Plugins compatibility N/A N/A
#Addons Addons compatibility N/A N/A
#Topsites Top internet sites compatibilities N/A N/A


Feature Tests

Automated Tests

Item Description Status
#Developer_Tests Links to automated developer tests pending-feedback
#Mozmill_Tests Links to automated mozmill feature test cases none

Manual Tests

Item Description Status
#Smoke_Tests link to smoke tests [DONE]
#Regression_Tests link to BFT and/or regression tests [DONE]
#Functional_Tests link to FFT and/or complete functional tests [DONE]


Community Test Events

Item Description Status
#Testdays Links to test day event results for feature April 9th, 2010
#Bugdays Links to bug day event results for feature none
#Meetups Links to Meetup events for feature none


Feature Documentation Details

Project Wiki


Developer Links


Other Docs


Developer QA Review

  • Do we have automated tests for the feature?
    • Yes
  • What do they cover?
    • Search results
    • Opening/closing tabs
    • Changing URLs of tabs
    • Opening/closing windows
    • Entering/exiting private browsing mode
    • Code coverage
  • What do they not cover?
    • Clear Recent History behaviour
    • Forget This Site while site is open
    • "Switch to tab:" label
    • Session Store behaviour
  • How well do they cover the feature?
    • Need coverage from both automation and manual testing
  • What are the important areas we should focus on?
    • UI
    • Basic functionality (switch to tab, window)
    • Advanced functionality (session store, private browsing)
  • What are the dependencies?
    • n/a
  • What is our comfort level with this feature in its current state?
    • Beta-ready
    • On-going bug fixes and testing
  • What feedback would you like from QA?
    • Triage bugs, verify bugs, release-cycle level testing


Feature Release Readiness Assessment Details


  • [DONE] - Ready for Beta
    • Development complete; focusing on residual bug fixes
    • QA Sprint testing complete; focusing on bug triage, verification
    • Should run through FFTs once during Beta1 cycle



Feature Bug Management Details

Bug Tracking

Query Name Description
bug 480350 Top-level tracking bug
Dependencies Tree of bugs blocking sign off
Bugs filed pre-testday Bugs which were filed prior to the test day
Tab Matches Testday Bugs which were filed during the test day


Bug Verification

  • Feature bugs that need verification


Bug Triage

  • Bug triage information


Feature Test Items Details

Search Results

  • Contain open tabs with matching URLs
  • Display open tab results as two adjacent results
    • Switch to Tab on top
    • Open on bottom
  • Open Tab search results do not affect ranking
  • Open Tab search results are ranked above plain URLs
  • Don't show the URL for an open tab


  • Add a Tabs option to the Location Bar prefs
  • Disabled by default
  • Test enabled/disabled behaviour

Basic Function

  • Navigate results using arrow keys
  • If a full URL is entered open the URL, do not switch an open tab
  • If a search result URL is clicked while holding CTRL/OPT, open it in a new tab
  • Switch to tab
  • Switch to tab in another window

Advanced Function

  • Switch to Tab still works after restoring a saved session
    • After restarting Firefox manually
    • After restarting Firefox from add-on install
    • After restarting Firefox from plugin install
  • Switch to Tab still works after a crash
  • Switch to tab still works for saved session after OS restart
  • Switch to tab still works after Clear Recent History
  • Switch to tab only switches to PB-tabs while in Private Browsing
  • Switch to tab only switches to non-PB-tabs when back in normal mode


  • Considerations for RTL languages



  • Existing tests for Awesomebar should cover this sufficiently



  • Not relevant to this feature



  • May affect add-ons which modify the Awesomebar autocomplete dropdown
  • API changes are additive, will not affect any add-ons



  • Not relevant to this feature


Feature Tests Details

Automated Tests Details

Developer Tests


Mozmill Tests

  • No Mozmill tests at this moment
  • All Litmus tests can/should be automated


Manual Tests Details


  • See above link



  • See above link



  • See above link


Community Test Events Details



  • No bugdays planned


  • No meetups planned