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Sprint lead: limi
Sprinters: bmcbride, limi, ashughes (QA)

When an awesomebar result matches the URL of an already open tab, it should indicate that and allow the user to switch to that tab instead of duplicating it.

Try server builds are available at

Current Status

See (bug 480350)

Goals / Use Cases

  • Reduce the number of unintentionally created duplicate tabs in the users large tab set
  • Allow users to create duplicate tabs if they actually intend to have duplicates
  • Allow users to search for specific tabs, which should be faster than a browser operation with the all tabs control, and is fully integrated into our central UI for searching, the awesome bar (as oppose to creating another field).


  • Promote tab searching over other types of revisitation (for instance placing all of the tab results on top)
  • Overly complicate the current design of the awesome bar (through things like the introduction of additional icons, arrows, or moving the focus right/left in addition to up/down)


bug 480350 bug 455650


Faaborg's initial mock-ups

Limi's follow-up blog post with some suggested changes


  • Test Plan
  • Status: complete
    • Initial round of testing complete
    • Development is currently fixing bugs
    • I believe QA can call this complete for all intents and purposes.
    • I will continue to triage incoming bugs, verify bug fixes, and look for new bugs in day to day usage going forward