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This can either be a single page that covers all of these topics, or we can break it out if you think that's needed. I'd appreciate your comments and feedback.

Requirements for release of Bon Echo are:

  • all P1 product requirements are complete
  • no functional regressions from Firefox 1.5
  • no performance regressions from Firefox 1.5
  • full QA testing has been completed on the release candidate code
  • all bugs marked blocking-firefox2+/? or blocking1.8.1+/? have been resolved
  • size of Windows compressed binary is less than or equal to 4.9MB
  • l10n builds are available for Tier 1 languages
  • Sec 508 Compliance form has been completed

Engineering Requirements for All Submitted Code

  • all new code must be documented on Mozilla Developer Central
  • all user interface code must meet the Mozilla Accessibility Guidelines
  • new or modified strings must be brought to the attention of localization team
  • new or modified user interface behaviour must be brought to the attention of the documentation team
  • all bugs must be marked with their target milestone and assigned prioritization
  • any bug that blocks completion of a P1 product requirement should be marked either blocking-firefox2+ or blocking1.8.1+
  • any bug that significantly affects quality, stability or performance should be marked either blocking-firefox2? or blocking1.8.1?