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Release Criteria

  • schrep: I like nice hard lines when doing release criteria. So I'd make the criteria as simple as possible - 100% of P1's complete. We'll also work on and accept P2/P3's, but if it is important enough to block the release it's a P1. I didn't edit because I thought there might be discussions.
  • Beltzner: Originally these criteria were my idea, but thinking back to my time with IBM, it was nitpicky stuff like calculating %ages of fixed bugs to meet Integrated Product Development (IPD) standards that ended up being used to ship crappy products. We'd bicker over whether or not to include invalid or retargeted bugs in those figures, etc. So maybe it would be easier to just say 100% of P1s. Is there a better way of reflecting the secondary goals of wanting to actually put effort into fixing a lot of the aviary2.0 blockers (which include a lot of UI polish bugs)? Maybe make that a P2 LI?