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Meeting Details

  • 11:00am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 866 216 2181
  • join #bonecho for attendance taking


  1. Bon Echo Alpha 2 (Tracking & Status)
  2. Development Roundtable
  3. Any other business

Bon Echo Alpha 2

  • list any at risk P1 or P2 requirements targetted at A2:
  • Places
    • places is considered to be fully at risk, and has been deprioritized and is no longer expected to make A2 as feature complete, will be removed from Fx2
    • ben: do we need a communication plan around getting people to export their bookmarks out?
    • schrep: we should do MDN and the release notes of Alpha 2
    • beltzner: the instructions could reference that users can use a specific build of Bon Echo or can use Minefield to export bookmarks
    • jhughes: will we continue checking in to both branch and trunk?
    • ben: yes, that should make things easier down the road and gives us more opportunity
    • bsmedberg: at what point will we allow divergence between trunk and branch?
      • answer seemed to be "eventually"
    • jhughes: would we cvs remove it? or would it make sense to have the record there?
    • mconnor: I want to get the switch earlier rather than later so that we have people testing the old bookmarks stuff with the other new code that's landed since Places was turned on by default
    • ben: maybe just a couple of days to get a solid exporter working?
    • action item: brettw to write up exporter stuff, ben and he to write and test
    • beltzner: I'm not that concerned about people who are A1 testers being unable to get at their bookmarks for a couple of days if they missed our message; they're early testers for a reason, they should expect some churn
    • ben says he'll do some quick testing on his own bookmarks first - bravery!
  • Visual Refresh
    • no immediate action required, on schedule
  • User Experience
    • tabbed browsing is largely in good shape
    • session restore patch will be reviewed in a couple of hours, ben to do a second review, dietrich to provide a link to performance to Ts data. (Updated Ts results)
    • tab overflow didn't scale well, got a new solution in line, if that one doesn't work then we're really at risk
    • spell check has branch approval, will be checked in shortly
    • microsummaries needs to be updated to work with the old code, myk's cautiously optimistic and hopes to make a single patch that works with both places and mork; reviewing the current patch would be useful
      • schrep: how much of uSummaries is tied to places?
      • myk: it's tied in the annotations service, and the new way the places bookmark toolbar view works to support uSummaries
  • Feeds
    • feed parser needs a couple of bug fixes, issue is rsayerer's available time
    • ui vaguely works but is not that useful; we're a couple of weeks out from it being A2-ready
  • Extension Manager
    • patch reviewed by benjamin, patches for the apps are yet to be reviewed, addressing nits and will get resubmitted and landed
    • blocklisting is in for A1
    • automatic update to a locale based on browser locale is still at risk
      • action item: axel volunteered to help with this piece, will chat with rstrong about it
      • shaver: will this require any server-side updates from AMO?
      • rstrong: yes, we'd have to extend the RDF format for this, can be done after A2
  • Search
    • management UI patch is pending review by mconnor, will land soon
    • suggest as you type function is not included
    • resizable search box hasn't been looked at yet
      • mconnor: should be doable in the remaining timeframe
      • action item: mconnor and gavin will cry for help if it gets out of hand
      • axel: what about the official search stuff?
      • gavin: will be done this week
      • axel: and specification of the format? we need a version number for that to do l10n work?
      • mconnor: trademark work, etc, shouldn't be worried about until B1 imo
      • gavin: why not just continue to use the existing format, and it will get converted at load-time; this shouldn't be a blocking issue
      • action item: gavin and axel to discuss this offline
  • Installer
    • benjamin and rstrong
    • will be tight, but it's simple work so I should be able to have it done
  • EULA/Distribution/Channel Support
    • looking at using extensions to provide this support
    • completely at risk for A2, but it can be deprioritized to B1
  • Performance
    • event work on the mac should land fine
    • canvas stuff is ready to land on trunk, and will hopefully make it over to branch
    • nobody's looked at darin's idle timer stuff, but seems like we could take it after A2
  • Platform
    • JS1.7 will bake on trunk this week and will either be uplifted or waved off at the end of the week
    • don't have immediate status from jst or enn for WHATWG work, but I know that they're looking at it and work is underway; should be tight, but do-able
    • not a lot of traction on SVG, will revisit smaller versions of this post-A2
  • Anti-Phishing
    • front-end change pending review from ben, rest of it is already there and the build stuff should be reviewed by bsmedberg?
    • missing preferences implementation, ben signed up to help
    • performance issues could block us from landing this
      • tony: cause is well understood, the solution is untested
      • ben: landing code that is known to regress performance is sketchy
      • schrep: if we know the issues, and have solution ideas, it's a little more reasonable to turn it on even though there are known problems
      • tony: once into the DB, it should perform fine, the first-load hit concerns me
      • brettw: I feel OK that the performance will be OK without much work
  • digression: Storage/sqlite
    • axel: are we still taking this? it will cause size to balloon
    • beltzner: I think that shouldn't block A2
    • mconnor: I've got some size in my back pocket that we can take out
    • shaver: can we still swap out mork for sqllite?
      • brettw: I'd have to do a bunch of RDF stuff for that, which is probably too dangerous/painful
    • linus: the cost of sqllite is 200k
    • mconnor: we could drop DOM inspector
  • SSL2
    • I think everything's still on target
    • action item: beltzner to follow up with kai

Developer Roundtable

Visual Refresh: Chrome Polish

  • no news from last week

Visual Refresh: Theme Polish

  • Radiant Core will be delivering 4 theme design mockups at the end of this week; also talking to RaizLabs.

Bookmarks and History: Places

User Experience: General & Tabbed Browsing

  • mconnor to add any new update

User Experience: Session Restore

  • Ts Data - After moving session-restore initialization into nsBrowserGlue, the numbers still show that Ts numbers that are oddly *better* than before adding the component. However, the numbers are also from my dev box, with any associated baggage.

User Experience: Spell Check

User Experience: Microsummaries

  • updated patch on bug 334471 (alias: microsummaries)
  • looking into getting microsummaries working on the old bookmarks code; it looks doable, but it makes landing before a2 more uncertain

Feeds: Parser

Feeds: UI

  • ben/rsayre to add any new update

Extension Manager: UI

Extension Manager: Blocklisting

Extension Manager: Locale Packs

Search: UI

  • gavin to add any new update

Search: Plugin Format

  • gavin to add any new update

Distribution: Installer

  • Work will continue after Extension Manager UI patch is submitted (e.g. a day or two)

Distribution: EULA

  • cbeard to add any new update

Distribution: Channel Support

Infrastructure: Performance

Infrastructure: Platform Uplift

Client-side Storage

Filed bug and attached work in progress patch.

The basics of global storage is working and it writes to a storage db, saved in webappsstore.sqlite

Work on session storage hasn't started yet, but likely involves storing a storage list object in the docshell.

Infrastructure: Instrumentation

Security: Phishing

Security: SSL

User Documentation

Other Business


  • linus: I don't want work on places to stop, but obviously there's now some extra capacity in the system. What areas need more focus?
    • shaver: the offline storage stuff could use some help
    • mconnor: when gavin disappears, the search stuff might need some cleanup
    • schrep: by my count, RSS, uSummaries, search stuff, autoupdate for locale packs, anti-phishing, mork/sqllite exchange, general bug squashing
  • linus: let's carve off a piece for the search stuff
  • schrep: anyone else coming available?