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Meeting Details

  • 11:00am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 866 216 2181 (or +1 303 228 0514)
  • join #bonecho for backchannel


  1. Bon Echo Beta 1
  2. Development Roundtable
  3. Any other business

Bon Echo Beta 1

  • here's the list of blocking?/+ for beta 1 (at 9am EDT, 118 bugs found)
    • mconnor's swag analysis
    • a bunch of blocker+ bugs are SWAG-less and unassigned
    • mconnor: if people have bugs that they don't think they can get to, please reassign to so that others can take them; conversely, if you're bored, go look at
    • todo: mconnor to assign owners by EOD Wednesday, June 7th
    • todo: everyone should go through that list and opine if they think a current blocker shouldn't be blocking
    • ben: I need to reSWAG all of my RSS bugs, will do that today
  • request from QA to slip schedule by a day
    • timr: the holiday schedule and offsite schedule is pretty tight
    • schrep: we'll shoot for the same dates as posted, and shoot for some BFTs before the code freeze and some quick verifications afterwards, and manage this carefully with our branch approvals
    • mconnor: why don't we move the freeze back to Tuesday, which means that people need to get stuff done sooner and we can start running BFTs if there's time between the MoCo stuff of that week
  • current target dates:
    • June 15th: major string changes in for l10n to start
    • June 16th: tree locked to branch approval flags only, daily triage starts
    • June 27th: Beta 1 Code Freeze at 11:59 PDT (some QA begins)
    • July 6th : Beta 1 Ship
    • an ICS schedule is available

Developer Roundtable

Please add any status updates from the past week, including links to relevant bugs, newsgroup discussions, etc:

Visual Refresh: Chrome Polish

  • need to make a decision on bug 334697 and bug 279223, as well as potentially changing cursors for "open in new tab" links.

Visual Refresh: Theme Polish

  • link to appear here shortly to round-up and next steps

Bookmarks and History: Places

User Experience: General & Tabbed Browsing

User Experience: Session Restore

User Experience: Spell Check

  • brettw: need someone to look at enabling spellchecking in design mode textboxes, it's listed as a blocker, but I don't have time
    • mconnor: I'll see if I can get someone looking at it
  • beltzner: I'll circle back with cbeard and revisit dictionary distribution

User Experience: Microsummaries

  • working on 10 beta 1 bugs with combined SWAG of 12.75 days

Feeds: Parser

Not many bug reports aside from people confused by the lack of HTML.

Feeds: UI

Extension Manager: UI

Extension Manager: Blocklisting

Extension Manager: Locale Packs

Can be removed since this won't make Firefox 2.0

Search: UI

Search: Plugin Format

Distribution: Installer

  • Will be working with Jay Patel (per Time Riley) to QA the differences between the XPInstall based installer vs. the NSIS based installer. I have one significant change in the installation process to make before this can be done (bug 338931).

Distribution: EULA

Distribution: Channel Support

Infrastructure: Performance

Infrastructure: Platform Uplift

Infrastructure: Instrumentation

Security: Phishing

Security: SSL

User Documentation

Developer Documentation

Base "Firefox 2 for developers" doc page is up. As far as I'm aware, everything that's ready to be documented has been. Keeping an eye on progress of the technologies not yet ready to write up, so I can start on them as soon as they're ready to go. Let Sheppy know if you have insights on where to find info on anything not documented in detail yet.

  • MozSearch doc is done
  • JavaScript 1.7 intro is mostly done, save stuff not quite ready to write up yet


Other Business

David Baron: interface stability policy and leak fixes? Who decides?

  • darin: it would be great if Fx2 didn't suffer from this leak
  • schrep: what's the penalty for preserving compatability?
  • dbaron: 5 are changed, 4 by inserting a new base class in the inheritance chain (workaround: add a 4-byte penalty to each of the inherited classes), the other one is harder
  • schrep: we've done a lot of work to preserve the compatibility up to now
  • dbaron: JS update will be changing binary compatibility as well
  • darin: what was the extension that we jumped through hoops for before?
  •  ?: do authors need to do anything other than compile?
  • dbaron: if they implement certain methods/classes, yes.
  • darin: the more interesting question is "where do we draw the line, and who decides?"
  • beltzner: we should make sure the bug is nominated as blocking, has the arguments listed in it, and decide using the triage process
  • darin: and should get drivers@ to look at it as well

Darin: we're starting to re-look at advertising 1.5.0.x -> 2.0, who's deciding that

  • beltzner: I'll strike a team, I know we'd need to move fast to get UI in there
  • schrep: yeah, would be in July
  • axel: and l10n would need to know double-quick

Axel: we have NSIS code in the CVS repository now, is that an issue?

  • rstrong: it's not code, its scripts and strings, so it should be OK
  • rstrong: bringing in new language strings for compiling shouldn't be a problem