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Meeting Details

  • 11:00am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 866 216 2181 (or +1 303 228 0514)
  • join #bonecho for backchannel


  1. Bon Echo Beta 1
  2. Development Roundtable
  3. Any other business

Bon Echo Beta 1

Links to bug lists:

  • blocking-firefox2+ && tm=Firefox2 Beta1
  • blocking-firefox2+ && tm=Firefox2 Beta2, Firefox2
  • blocking-firefox2?
  • blocking-mozilla1.8.1+
  • blocking-mozilla1.8.1?
    • mconnor: I think we're looking pretty good, despite the large numbers
    • myk: I'm pretty overexposed right now (see below), need some help
    • todo: mconnor and myk to re-triage and call in some help
    • brettw: I'm worried about the types of changes I'm making to spellcheck, it'll need a lot of testing
    • schrep: can we get timr to pair brettw with someone to ensure there's some good test coverage and that we're making robust testcases?
    • todo: timr and brettw to co-ordinate next week
    • ben: I managed to slash through most of the feed reading stuff; I think I should be able to fit it all in
    • schrep: anyone underloaded?
    • mconnor: I think we're evenly balanced
    • pkasting: I can take more intern-level work
    • brettw: there's a WHATWG proposal about supporting website-based control for spellcheck - should we take it?
    • dbaron: I convinced him? cool! we should take it
    • darin: when do we start clamp-down?
    • schrep: friday, as per the schedule (below)
    • darin: and what will be the level of restriction?
    • schrep: we'll be avoiding things that could cause core-regressions
    • pamg: can we get an update on Visual Refresh?
    • beltzner: the Visual Identity Team met to review the submissions from vendors (results to be posted to d-a-f soon) and to set priorities which are: 1) new icons based on existing shapes but using more modern colour palettes and styles, new icons for search and go button that look "attached" to URL bar, 2) update to tab strip gutter and active/inactive tab, 3) new close tab button to optimize for being on every tab, 4) updates to buttons in URL bar to make them look more pushable.
    • dbaron: tab strip changes seem risky to me
    • mconnor: we would be iterating towards beta 2, not just drop and test
    • brettw: we could prioritize that work ahead of the rest
    • beltzner: sure
    • is anyone triaging mozilla1.8.1 bugs?
      • darin and ? volunteered
    • mconnor's swag analysis: June 6, June 12 (PDF)

Current target dates:

  • June 15th: major string changes in for l10n to start
  • June 19th: tree locked to branch approval flags only, daily triage starts
  • June 27th: Beta 1 Code Freeze at 11:59 PDT (some QA begins)
  • July 6th : Beta 1 Ship
  • the schedule is available as an ICS file or on this page
  • schrep: propose that we leave the tree open over the weekend?
  • bsmederg: seconded
  • general agreement
  • beltzner: what will our string policy be after this freeze?
  • bsmedberg: we should be strict about adding new DTD or property files, but slushy about taking string changes to existing files, or adding strings to existing files
  • schrep: anyone want to add new files?
    • mconnor: pref-panel changes
    • rstrong: NSIS installer
    • myk: new strings for uSummaries
  • we should prioritize up anything that hits l10n, historically the longer lead time the better shot we have of hitting our deadlines (remember, there's like 36 languages!)

Developer Roundtable

Please add any status updates from the past week, including links to relevant bugs, newsgroup discussions, etc:

Visual Refresh: Chrome Polish

Visual Refresh: Theme Polish

Bookmarks and History: Places

User Experience: General & Tabbed Browsing

User Experience: Session Restore

User Experience: Spell Check

User Experience: Microsummaries

  • fixed two bugs (337038, 337324), patch in third (339543) awaiting review from biesi
  • eleven bugs targeted at beta1 with cumulative swag of 18.5 days (not including swag for bug with patch awaiting review)
  • security review taking place this afternoon at 3pm PDT

Feeds: Parser

Feeds: UI

Extension Manager: UI

Extension Manager: Blocklisting

Extension Manager: Locale Packs

Search: UI

Search: Plugin Format

Distribution: Installer

Support for l10n almost complete (340173) and will hopefully have the patch finished tonight. Also see 339061.

Distribution: EULA

Distribution: Channel Support

Infrastructure: Performance

Infrastructure: Platform Uplift

Infrastructure: Instrumentation

Security: Phishing

Security: SSL

User Documentation

Developer Documentation

  • Documentation remains blocked until the following items reach a stable state:
    • Session restore API
    • Feed content access API
    • API for search bar suggestions
    • API for adding search engines
    • Writing phishing protection extensions
  • Please let Eric Shepherd know when any of these are ready to document.


Other Business